Saturday, June 17, 2023

A teacher's second chance - Part 2

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When Jen O’Neal devoted her life to teaching, she wasn’t expecting to be so disappointed. Nobody appreciated her teaching style or dedication. Now that she was in her fifties, she was desperate for an escape. Unfortunately, going back to school wasn’t feasible, and she was close to retirement. But when she found an opportunity to start over, she took it right away.

All of it was so sweet – she couldn’t believe how lucky she was to run into the student’s boyfriend. Rena remained trapped in her head while Miss O'Neal made all the right moves with their naked bodies. The older teacher spread her legs while Alex planted kisses against her inner thigh. She moaned gently while his tongue teased her front entrance. Waves of pleasure coursed through her while his tongue slipped inside her cunt. His mouth felt amazing against her clit, sucking and licking as he slid two fingers deep into her dripping hole. She writhed on the bed, her voice trembling as she moaned.

As the young man drove her to a series of explosive climaxes, she grew weaker and weaker. Her resistance crumbled under the weight of Miss O'Neal's domineering control, and her consciousness faded into the darkness, fading into nothingness. By the time Alex's cock was pressing up against Jen O'Neal's front entrance, the body thief had completely taken control of her young body.

Miss O'Neal wrapped her young legs around Alex's lower back. He thrusted, pushing deeper and deeper, stretching the girl's tight pussy out. Her entire body rocked, her long red hair flowing wildly about her head. She threw her head back in ecstasy, gasping with pleasure. Her thin, slender frame bounced, her soft breasts flopping with every movement.

As Alex continued to fuck her, Miss O'Neal turned her head to look at her own face in the mirror. Her smooth, fair skin, her bright eyes, her youthful features ... it was beautiful. And it was hers. Her body felt amazing as the pleasure intensified. Her toes curled the moment Alex began to plunge harder into her. She screamed in delight, her eyes wide with surprise and wonder. The way he moved his hips was perfect, his cock sliding in and out of her effortlessly while Rena tried to repossess herself. The teacher moaned even louder. "Fuck me, Alex! Harder!" she pleaded.

"I'm getting close," he groaned.

"I want it inside of me," Miss O'Neal told him. "I want every drop."


Alex grabbed her slim waist and picked up speed, his thrusts moving with such a furious intensity that she was left speechless. Jen O'Neal's new body came again and again, each orgasm sending another surge of pleasure that coursed through her. She couldn't remember ever being this wet or this aroused. Jen O’Neal’s new body surrendered completely, her breathing erratic and her body trembling with the force of each climax. Her cries of pleasure filled the room until Alex finally emptied himself inside of her. He lay atop her, his chest pressed against her firm breasts as his cock pumped one last load into her.

Alex pulled away with a satisfied grin and sat up on the edge of the bed. "You've never let me do that," he said, admiring his handiwork. A gush of his seed flooded out of her the moment his tip teased her entrance. "Are you sure that was fine?"

Jen O'Neal nodded eagerly and climbed on top of him, eager to have him again while she planted kisses against his chest. It wouldn't be long before he was hard and eager to go again. Thankfully, the new Rena was more than eager to satisfy him.

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  1. WOW incredibly erotic & sensous. xtremely well written the story comes alive. Rena must be in hell. The boyfriend seems very happy! Ironic he likes the new girl better. looking forward to more