Sunday, June 25, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 1

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Laura and Annette originally stepped into college life with the eagerness of having the perfect start. Both shared dreams of success and acceptance, yet Laura always had self-conscious thoughts preventing her from enjoying college. Throughout her high school years, she harbored a deep-seated insecurity about her overly skinny and nerdy figure, always wishing she could morph into the seductive fitness influencers she admired on Instagram. Nobody seemed to like her aside from her stepbrother, Johnny, who gave unwarranted and awkward flirty remarks. 

Annette always tried to make her feel better about herself by showing a great interest in her features and helping her work out, and after years of being best friends, they even lose their virginities together. It was that level of trust and closeness that helped motivate Laura to confide in Anette nearly a week ago. However, this wasn’t an ordinary conversation about her body image this time – it was a search for a quick fix, and she knew that her friend potentially had a solution. 

At first, Laura wanted steroids, but her friend had a different fix. Annette was not your average chemistry major. She was a transgender woman with a fascinating talent for potion brewing - an art she had practiced and refined throughout her adolescence. She came from a long line of witches who lost their ability to practice magic, so potion brewing and chemistry were a way to bring a little bit of magic into their lives. Annette listened intently to Laura's plea for a chance to be bustier and curvier. The transgender woman knew every one of Laura’s assets, and the pain in the girl’s eyes made her understand that this was all real.

Personally, Annette had toyed with various body transformation potions in the past, hoping to perfect one that could complete her own transition to cis womanhood, yet the most successful recipe she'd concocted was an attribute transfer potion. This potion could bestow physical attributes from one individual to another. As Laura's desperation became increasingly evident, Annette made a generous offer. She proposed that she transfer her muscular build and augmented breasts to Laura, promising her a curvy, athletic body. “I can always get it back,” Annette insisted with a smirk. “I gain muscle way easier than you. I have enough money for new tits. Besides, I won’t transfer my cock if that’s what you’re scared of.”

Laura was initially skeptical. She thought there would at least be one potion that could make her less skinny. But when the transgender woman showed her the potion book, she realized that the only muscle enhancing potion besides the attribute potion was one that would turn her into a male. Annette reassured her, promising that her private parts wouldn't be included in the transfer, only the athletic muscle and full bust she desired.

Yet, the transfer process was unusual. It could only be activated during an intimate encounter. Laura, so eager to acquire a fit body, agreed, choosing to overlook the unconventional requirements of the potion. It wasn’t like sex was something they’d never done before, and the skinny girl was desperate to look curvier. “I’ll do it,” she whispered. Unbeknownst to Laura though, Annette harbored her own secret agenda. The potion, while potent, was not enough to satisfy her own personal desire to fully become a ciswoman with it. Annette decided to brew an additional concoction, a soul-swap potion. It held the same prerequisites as the transfer potion - activation during sexual activity. She could have done this at any moment, but there were things she didn’t like about Laura. Her tiny frame prevented her from going all the way with this until she discovered the attribute transfer potion. Once the right attributes went into her new body, she’d quickly make the swap to take over her body. Laura had been the only person willing to have sex with her in the past, so Annette saw this as her golden opportunity to truly embrace womanhood. 

The next day arrived, and Laura invited Annette to her house while nobody was at home. She and Laura sat across from each other in one of the guest rooms after taking a quick dip in the pool. A sense of anticipation pervaded the air. Annette passed Laura a vial of the attribute transfer potion, a concoction that shimmered with a mystical iridescence. She held onto the soul swap potion herself, a similar vial with an ominous glow that Laura didn’t ask questions about. She didn’t even ask about the faint third potion that stuck out like a sore thumb from Annette’s purse. Instead, upon taking a sip of the attribute transfer potion, she inched closer to her best friend’s face and embraced her.

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  1. Cool set up. This is what happens when you play with magic.