Friday, June 23, 2023

She never deserved this body

Lana giggled when she watched Phil's cock explode over her brand new breasts. He was sitting on the couch while she remained on her knees and between his legs. Just seeing his face contorting gave her a sense of power and excitement as she swallowed his erupting tip. The wetness of his shaft slipping out from her mouth caused her to shudder while she playfully prodded at her gaping inner lips. She stood up and slowly wiped away the mess he'd made with a towel. "Fuck," he panted.

Lana smirked and sat beside him. She threw her thigh over his legs while leaning her head against his shoulder. He ran a hand along her nude body and kissed her forehead. "How was that?" she asked.

"You're way better than Mel..."

She rubbed her head against his naked, broad shoulder. After using a spell she found online to possess Mel's body, Lana didn't hesitate to play around with her stepdaughter's boyfriend. She loved how good it felt to have a young man ravaging her folds. Since she was younger now, her horniness easily overwhelmed. It didn't take much to turn her on. A lustful thought and her clit would be begging for attention. As much as she loved playing with her own body, having Phil do it made it ten times better.

Lana never liked the thought of Phil dating her stepdaughter. He didn't seem like the type who deserved to date somebody like Mel. But now that Lana had a chance to fuck him, she understood why the two were together. She also realized how much she was missing out on as a 67-year-old on a pension. She loved how flexible and athletic she felt. She started to rub Phil's chest, caressing his bare flesh with her fingertips while she pictured the things they could do together. Mel obviously didn’t have as much experience as Lana did, and she could tell that Phil was really starting to prefer her. "I can tell how much you liked it. Your cock is hard again. But now that you've had a taste of what I can do, how about considering my offer?"

"What about her, though?" he asked nervously. "You're not serious about stealing her life, right?"

Lana thought that was so sweet. Phil was worried about how Mel would react. But it had been days since she last heard her stepdaughter's voice in her mind. She knew she was still present, especially when she listened hard, but she knew that her stepdaughter wouldn't be able to yank back control thanks to their illicit lovemaking.

"Are you going to tell anyone?"

He shook his head. "We were going to break up anyway. I just wanted to make sure she wouldn't be watching us. That'd be weird."

Lana listened and heard her stepdaughter say something. The body thief shook her head. "No, she can't hear a thing." She put her lips to her new boyfriend’s ear. “As long as you want me to stay in this body, we can do anything you want.” Sex had permanently sealed Lana’s soul in her new body. The spell had a clause that required the body’s mutual lover to knowingly sleep with them despite being possessed. And since Phil was so easy to seduce, that wasn’t so hard to do.

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