Thursday, June 15, 2023

This wasn't just a transformation spell

Dimitri’s heart pounding as he glanced down at his transformed body. Where once he'd seen the familiar rugged features and toned muscles of a man, now he was greeted by the soft, curvaceous body of a woman. His senses were in overdrive, overwhelmed by the seismic shift in his reality.

Moving around the apartment felt different, the sway of his new body making him stagger slightly. His movements were punctuated by the swish of his long, wavy hair, now falling to the middle of his back. He paused in front of a window, his reflection catching his eye.

The face staring back at him was the same one he'd admired from afar, a face that had frequented his dreams. He was Penelope, his crush, roommate, and muse. She was at work, and he was curious about seeing things in her shoes. He used to work at the same retail store that she did, so seeing his old coworkers was supposed to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the spell he'd cast to possess her had taken an unexpected turn. He remembered holding her soft strand of hair and how hard he focused. Instead of transferring his mind into Penelope's body, he had morphed into another copy of her. He felt his pulse quicken as the gravity of the transformation hit him.

“I thought this was a body swap spell,” he whispered in Penelope’s sweet voice. Dimitri moved to the washroom, his bare feet making soft sounds against the wooden floor. The bright lights offered a clearer image of his transformation. His reflection was perfect, an exact replica of Penelope's features. Her high cheekbones, deep-set eyes, full lips, and perfectly curved body were now his.

Shock morphed into a grin, a naughty smile stretching across his face. His gaze traced the contours of his new body, his mind filled with a curious excitement. The womanly curves, the softness of his skin, the way the fabric of his clothes hugged his body - everything was new, a world waiting to be explored. There was a captivating beauty about his new form. As he moved around the apartment, he admired the sway of his hips and the gentle rustle of his hair. Every movement, every breath, felt different - fresher and more feminine. The sensation was intoxicating and liberating.

Driven by an unfamiliar desire, he hurried to his bed. There was so much to explore, so much to understand. The spell may not have worked as he had intended, but it had given him something more exciting and more intimate. Now he could explore Penelope in a way he'd never thought possible. The intimate exploration of his freshly transformed body was an exercise of self-discovery that provoked an array of emotions in him. He touched, felt, and explored with a level of fascination that was almost child-like, yet undeniably sensual while he brought his transformed body to orgasm.

But it didn’t take long before Penelope stormed into his apartment and yelled at him with her deep voice. He soon discovered that the backfired possession spell had not just transformed his body. It wasn’t his mind that was being transferred – it was his body’s physical being. His male body was transported to Penelope at work, and her body morphed into his male body. “How and why did you do this,” Penelope hissed. “Why are you naked and playing with my body?”

Dimitri was shocked and immediately apologized, but when they tried to use the spell to transfer their bodies, he realized that things were getting worse. Orgasms unfortunately made the swap permanent, and Penelope had curiously rubbed one out before returning home. 


  1. dreamlike sensual & erotic. Poor girl * what a messed up situation.

  2. Ha! I like how they both "explored" their new bodies before confronting each other.