Sunday, June 11, 2023

Becoming her jock boyfriend - Part 2

Part 1

Part 2

Olivia could feel Chad's warmth pressing against her back, his strong arms enveloping her in an embrace while they waited at the movie theater’s lineup. She beamed, her eyes sparkling as she faced her friend Kylie, who was busy focusing her camera. Click! The memory was captured in a moment of genuine happiness. “How’s this?”

“It’s perfect,” Chad said gently. For the past four months, Olivia had seen a complete change in her boyfriend’s aggressive personality. He had transformed from a coarse, wild individual to a tender, devoted boyfriend. His smiles were softer, his words kinder, his actions brimming with affection exclusive to her. She couldn't help but contrast this version of Chad to the person he had been during the turbulent times of their relationship, a time when Olivia was convinced their bond was tearing at the seams. 

He had been with at least ten other sexual partners before going out with her, while she felt inexperienced. He often took control and made her do whatever he wanted. Everything was about him. Olivia was fine with it in the beginning, though as time went on, she found herself feeling distant. Their relationship was becoming stale. Now, he was letting her take the lead, and she felt like she was becoming more confident as time went by. 

Her boyfriend was a lot more submissive, and she especially liked how he could barely last as long as her. While most girls would have hated that, she enjoyed being liked that much. He even started going out with her friend groups. In the past, he preferred staying at home or hanging out with the boys. Now, Chad’s life revolved around her, and even Kylie was noticing how friendly he was these days.

The sudden change left Olivia thinking, though. The catalyst for this change seemed to stem from Cameron moving away. In his absence, Chad seemed to have shed an unsightly layer of aggression and superiority. Cameron, who was often at the receiving end of Chad's ruthless bullying, had departed four months ago to travel the world as a Mormon missionary. Coincidentally, that was when Chad started changing.

Chad’s newfound gentleness brought romance back to their relationship. The intimacy was something that Olivia hadn't experienced before with her boyfriend. It made her hopeful, excited about the future and what it held for them. The love she had for Chad, which once felt strained and uncertain, now bloomed more prominently in her heart.

And as she stood there, lost in thought, a soft peck on her cheek brought her back to the present. Chad was gazing at her, his eyes warm and affectionate. His kisses had always been passionate, intense, but this was different. His strong hands were holding her in place, and he was gently embracing her as Kylie let out an exaggerated cough to get their attention. 

The couple broke apart almost immediately. "Shall we head to the movies?" Chad asked, taking her hand in his. Olivia nodded, squeezing his hand reassuringly as they walked hand in hand towards the movie theater with Kylie.

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