Thursday, June 8, 2023

Breeding him

The light from the city glowed through the curtains, casting long shadows across the plush carpet. Thomas was sitting on the edge of the bed, his new body feeling strange and unfamiliar while he became hornier and hornier. He watched as Andy Jones began to undress, the reality of his plan settling heavily in his chest while he bit his lower lip.

Everything about his female body was becoming alive while he watched the married man undress. Thomas ran a finger along his exposed, leaking slit and moaned softly when the rich law partner went back to him to kiss his thighs. Andy’s eyes looked up into his own when he reached his throbbing clit, a small smile playing on his lips. A blush spread across Thomas' new features, his heart pounding in his chest as he struggled to keep his composure. After seducing his former boss at the office party downstairs, he had so many other steps to his plan. But the more intimate they became, the more Thomas wanted to keep Andy for himself.

Andy planted a moaning kiss against his inner folds, and Thomas’ fingers dug into the sheets. He gyrated against the former boss’ face while pleasure flowed through him. Before this all began, he wanted to see Andy ruined just as he himself had been. Thomas was having difficulties with paying for rent, so he stole money from the law firm over the course of several months. His boss found out, and getting fired ruin Thomas’ career prospects. So, the whole revenge scheme had been expertly planned. He spent the last of his money for a magical spell that would give him the ability to transfer his mind into any body he wanted. Thomas was on the verge of homelessness since he couldn’t get a job, and he was desperate for an escape when he bought the spell from an online magic store. It was an incantation on a magical piece of paper that could be used a total of three times.

Thomas used the possession spell to take over Angela’s body, a young receptionist who worked in a department on the same floor as Andy’s office. He went from a tall Hispanic man to a petite Caucasian woman, knowing full well the type Andy was drawn to. He wore provocatively short shorts to the party, his new body curving and arching in just the right ways to attract Andy's attention. “This isn’t going to be permanent,” he promised himself while he seduced Andy. “I’m not being a chick. I’ll go to a better male body right after. I just need the video clips.”

The hotel room was rigged with hidden cameras tucked away in every corner to catch every incriminating moment. With Andy's marriage on the line, Thomas was sure that the man would crumble, leaving him with the money and power he so desperately needed. But as the night progressed, a strange sensation began to bubble within him. His hatred began to melt, replaced with a newfound affection for Andy. He found himself falling for the man he once resented, his heart aching in a way he never thought possible.

And as Andy began to slide his massive cock into his stolen body, Thomas realized that he didn’t want to make this a temporary thing. He didn’t want to do this for revenge. With each thrust, he threw away the desire to ruin his former boss’ life. Andy’s cock plunged into him, his powerful hands wrapping around Thomas’ wrists while the two made sweet, illicit love. The body thief loved how his hot body felt, especially after he felt Andy‘s cock emptying itself inside of him. With every touch and kiss, he realized that being Angela was so much better. In the end, rather than using the video tapes to ruin Andy’s marriage, Thomas decided to use it for another useful piece of evidence. He would tell Andy that he wouldn’t destroy his marriage as long as he kept seeing him in secret. It didn’t take long before Thomas decided to permanently keep his female body. He replaced his former boss’ wife as Angela Jones, and he inevitably became a much better stay-at-home housewife. Thomas decided that he would save the other two incantation uses once his current body grew too old. Thankfully, that wouldn’t happen for decades.

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  1. power & ironic story very well written. I wonder what happened to the the poor girl?