Thursday, June 29, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 5


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Laura’s eyes fluttered open and a shiver ran down her spine as she took in her surroundings. Her hand drifted down, fingers lightly brushing against the blanket that was tightly wrapped around her. “Why am I so cold?” she wondered. A gasp escaped her lips when she noticed something moving on the other side of the room. A figure stood in front of a mirror. It was her body, her face, her hair, but her figure looked stronger and wider. Every curve oozed with beauty, and a pile of cute outfits and swimsuits was scattered around beneath her body’s bare feet. A sense of dread filled Laura as she tried to sit up.

A wave of weakness washed over her, leaving her body limp and unresponsive. Panic bubbled up in her throat as she realized with a cold sense of dread that she was trapped in Annette’s body. "What happened? Why am I inside of you?" she managed to croak out, her voice a weak echo of her usually robust tone. “I can barely move…”

Annette turned around, a smirk playing on her stolen lips while she ignored her question. “Your wardrobe’s kind of annoying. I can’t find anything that fits these big tits. There aren’t enough outfits in here … only a handful.” Laura groaned and shifted in the bed. “Hey, don't move too much. I transferred a little too much strength. But don't worry, you'll gain it back. You just have to rest for the day while I live your life.” The casual dismissal of the whole bizarre situation was jarring, and when Annette reached up to cup her large breasts, a rush of fear and excitement surged through Laura’s new body. She felt a foreign sensation hardening beneath the blanket. She lifted it and immediately saw Annette’s cock throbbing. “Oh, you’re turned on right now. I don’t blame you. I always felt the same way when I looked at you, but with this thicker frame…” Annette gave her firm bum a loud slap. “This thing would drive anybody crazy. Your body’s way better with my muscles. I definitely wouldn’t have become your scrawny ass unless I could find a way to alter you in the best way possible.”

Laura's mind was a whirlwind of confusion and terror. She found herself starting to think this was normal. She was beginning to accept the exchange, but she knew she couldn’t let this happen. “What’s … happening to me?” She tried again to get up, fighting against the bone-deep exhaustion that threatened to pull her under. But the throbbing headache that exploded behind her eyes was a painful deterrent. Laura groaned and fell back onto the bed, helplessly watching Annette prancing around in her body. “I’m Laura. I’m Laura. How … how long have I been asleep?”

Annette circled the bed with a sultry look in her eye as she playfully flexed her biceps. “About an hour or two,” she admitted. “Just long enough for me to check out your phone. You never told me your parents were gone for the rest of the month. Only person who has a chance to run into you while I keep you locked in here is your stepbrother, but I know how I’ll keep him away from you.” Laura could only stare at her with tears in her eyes, and that made her best friend laugh. “Yeah, I’m really curious about trying out your body. I’m willing to test it out on anybody. Obviously, not with you, not in your state.” Annette leaned forward and noticed Laura’s eyes staring at her cleavage. “Oh, stop crying, Laura. Look how pretty you look now. Look how pretty I look now.” She pulled her pants up higher. “My bum can barely fit in this. I love how sexy you look now. It shouldn’t take much to seduce him. My pussy’s kinda loose from getting fucked by my cock – the only big thing about you now. Maybe I’ll let him stretch my ass. I’ve always loved some good anal.”

“Please reverse this,” Laura said with a dry mouth. “I’ll … I’ll tell. I’ll tell everybody.”

Annette ran a hand along her thigh before stripping down to nothing. Her nude, fit body made Laura feel even harder. The body thief purposely bent over to playfully wave her ass at the weakened Laura. She pulled on a pink swim suit that just barely fit her tits. “You can try that. But the longer you’re in that body, the more you’ll think you’re actually me. You won’t have my memories, but you’ll have my personality and desires.” She rose a brow. “Oh, you’re wondering why that won’t affect me, huh? It was the third potion. My mind’s perfectly safe..” Laura reached out and tried to grab Annette when she walked by, but the body thief dashed away. She giggled mischievously, locked the door, and waltzed outside to wait for Johnny to come home. 

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