Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Stuck in my stepsister - Part 3

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Weeks had gone by, and things only got better. Albert stood before the mirror, one hand lightly touching the soft clit between his legs. His naked body was covered in sweat, but he was becoming accustomed to the feminine pleasures surging through his new body. He knew what he liked. He knew how to touch himself just right. Moaning softly, he brought himself over his new bed and brought himself closer and closer to the point of no return as he thought about the past few weeks. 

After getting a restraining order on his old body, he was free to explore and learn about himself. Sure, he wasn’t planning on getting stuck, but this was all a blessing in disguise. He let out a moan and felt his toned tummy beginning to quiver. He looked at the mirror, his brows rising as he looked into his stolen face. The scant, tasteful application of makeup brought out the sparkle in his eyes and the vibrancy of his lips while an orgasm began to rock his body. 

“Fuck…” he whispered while he twisted and turned over his dampening sheets. The heat and ecstasy were things he could never get used to. In his old body, a single orgasm would render him useless for hours. But in his new body, he could play with himself as much as he’d like. Sitting up from the bed, he wiped the sweat from his face and laughed. He perused his reflection with a satisfied smile as he took a deep breath. Being a woman was so much more fun. 

He turned his head to gaze at the nearby closet. Tonight was the night Leah’s friends were taking him out to the bar, and he knew that he needed something nice to wear. Playing with himself was a lot of fun, and the thought of getting a chance to sleep with somebody was getting him excited. He got off the bed and went to his wardrobe with a keen eye. 

Each piece of clothing he now owned gave him a wide range of clothing combinations to choose from. “I need to get some more,” he whispered with a grin. The thought of adding a few more revealing outfits made him excited. His old body was slower and heavier. His physique was perfect in almost anything now, and it helped that he was in shape.

Albert couldn’t believe how different things were now that he was settling into his new life. The image of his old self seemed to dissolve in the back of his mind, slowly replaced by the woman he had become. He picked out a gray dress with some stripes and pulled it over himself after drying the lust from between his legs. He didn’t bother wearing a bra or underwear since he felt way more comfortable with the fabric hugging the contours of his slim figure.

He stepped away from the wardrobe and saw his phone glowing. A buzzing sound bounced around the room while he looked at the notification. “We’re here,” the message said. He quickly looked at himself in the mirror, turning and posing to see every possible angle. Happy with how he looked, he grabbed his purse and hurried out into the night.

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