Thursday, June 30, 2022

Flirting in my new body

The lifeguard across the pool was staring back at Chad, and he felt a rush of heat coursing through his female body. He loved the fact that people were actually giving him so much more attention now. He used to be an overweight man in his thirties, but after a car accident nearly killed him, drastic measures had to be taken. His body was permanently broken, which forced surgeons to place him in the brain dead body of the girl who crashed into him.

Aliya was a bubbly blonde girl who had just started college. She actually had a future ahead of her. Now, Chad had to pick up where she left off, and nobody had any idea that he was in her body aside from the surgeon. Throughout his first day, Chad thought he should have been the one to die until her body’s sensations got the better of him.

Since her body was so young, Chad was constantly horny. Eventually, he began to explore his new flesh. Compared to his old body, Aliya’s body was in its prime. It didn’t help that he was unbelievably attractive now. Thankfully, playing with himself was enough to keep him under control, but as time went on, he noticed that he was becoming more comfortable in his new flesh ... until today. As the lifeguard hopped off his chair and began walking over to him, Chad decided to accept his new life as a girl. “Hey, I noticed you seemed a little lost. Did you need any help?” The lifeguard asked.

Chad smirked and ran his slender fingers through his blonde hair. “Yeah - when were you planning on taking your break? I was hoping to get a drink with you. My name’s Aliya”

The lifeguard quickly scanned his female body from head to toe and smiled. He clearly liked what he was seeing. “Roger. I can take my break right now.”

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