Thursday, June 23, 2022

My girlfriend's potion

When Zach woke up, things felt so different. He sat up from the bed and realized that he was skinnier than usual. He looked down and felt his stick-like legs and knew that Carrie’s spell had worked.

There was a strange warmth emanating from between his legs. When he thought about what he’d do to his new body, he could feel his body reacting in a strange way. He couldn’t explain it.

Suddenly, he could hear her laughing from the corner of the room as he got off the bed. She was standing beside his unconscious body while she crossed his arms. He would’ve snapped at her if it weren’t for the mirror by the bed. His eyes widened as he quietly admired the curves of his breasts.

“I can’t believe it worked,” he said.

“It feels different, doesn’t it?”

Zach sighed and hugged his arms reassuringly. His girlfriend had a potion that could temporarily swap bodies between users, and when she mentioned that he could become anyone, he jumped at the opportunity to test it out. He hired an extremely cute escort and convinced her to drink the potion.

After he drank his own dose, they immediately swapped bodies. Of course, Zach purposely took extra sleeping pills to keep his body asleep. He wanted to have as much time as possible to explore his new body. He wasn’t even sure where to start, but when he saw Carrie starting to undress, he realized that he was in good hands.

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