Sunday, June 19, 2022


 Hey everyone!

I got a few messages asking about my writing schedule, and I just wanted to keep everybody else in the loop since I've noticed that I'm repeating the same stuff. I'm currently finishing up with a ghostwriting request, but the past 4 requests have been requests for private rights (meaning I don't keep the rights - I pass on the rights to the one commissioning the project). Most of my ghostwriting in the past have allowed me to keep the rights, but I decided to charge extra for these past few requests. I'm also back in school.

I'll still be reading the requests in the Google Forms surveys. So far, 100% of the ideas brought forth are ideas that I can do. But since I'm just by myself now, I'm really really slow. I'm also looking to write longer stories, which will hopefully incorporate a lot of the smaller requests at the same time. Unfortunately, this means my writing schedule will go from 1 story per week to like 1 story per two months.

In the meantime, I'll continue writing captions and looking for free content to share with you all. There was growing interest in my Comic Stories, so I might try making something out of that. My hope is that I can keep contributing to our niche despite not writing as often as I'd like. I might still release some bundle packs but most of my focus will be on finishing up my latest ghostwriting request and working on my longer story.

I might also be posting polls throughout the next few months. You'll be able to vote on certain actions and storylines to help me figure out where I'm going with my longer stories. It's not something that I've done in the past, but I'm excited to try tackling my next novel. It's going to be similar to Prepare Her Body, where technology meant to help people gets used for malicious purposes. My next novel probably won't be for everyone, but it's where I'm trying to take my future stories.

Of course I might change my mind. If you start seeing short stories getting released every week, you'll know that I abandoned the idea.


  1. No worries whatever time and energy your able to give is great!!!

  2. Exciting news concerning the longer stories. Also I am quite curious about the ghostwriting stuff. Which were the past ghostwriting things, where you were allowed to keep the rights and what are the new ones? That is assuming you would want to and are allowed to share these information

    1. It was only 5 stories that I was commissioned to ghostwrite where I kept the rights. The Witch's Mask series was 3 of them. I unfortunately can't say the other two, but they were written earlier in 2021. The one I'm currently writing is for a person who apparently isn't planning on reselling it, but I've agreed not to sell it myself. They still have the right to sell it if they really want to though. I think I might be done the ghostwriting stuff after I'm done though.

      Ghostwriting was an awesome gig but I'm unsure if I could do it for the long-term. I kind of prefer the requests in my Google Forms since I feel like I'm still in control. Ideas flow more easily if I'm going off my own parameters/characters. Once real people get involved, I end up taking half a century to finish writing it lol.

    2. Thank you for that clarification