Saturday, June 25, 2022

Callum's Stepmother Part 1

When Kate sat down in front of her boyfriend’s stepmother, she wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary. They had their morning coffees together and talked about Kate’s work as a yoga instructor when her head started feeling funny.

“Everything okay?” Bree asked knowingly. Kate wasn’t sure why there was a smirk on the older woman’s face, but she definitely knew something was wrong. Callum’s stepmother helped her back to her bedroom so she could lie down.

Bree disappeared from view and returned with a glass vial or orange liquid. “This should make you feel better,” the older woman said while she helped bring the vial against Kate’s lips. “Drink it slowly. It should taste like lemonade.” Kate did as she was told, and something else started happening. A strange heat started to spread across her body as she quietly moaned to herself. She tried to speak, but when she looked over at Callum’s stepmother, she noticed that she was also starting to drink the vial.

“Bree, what’s going o-” Kate suddenly whimpered. A pain throbbed deep within her chest until some sort of gas shot out of her lips. Her body shivered violently as Callum’s stepmother collapsed beside her on the bed. The world went completely black until she heard an evil giggle from across the room.

She twisted and turned on the bed until her eyes managed to open. She looked in horror as she saw her young body walking towards her. When Kate looked down at herself, she realized that she was in the stepmother’s overweight body. She let out a horrified cry. “It actually worked,” her body said after retrieving something from a nearby dresser. There was a vial of green liquid in her hands. Before Kate could roll away, her young body shoved the vial against her lips. Every inch of her body felt numb as Bree laughed in her body. “Good. Good girl...”


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