Tuesday, June 7, 2022

My successful experiment


It took about two weeks, but Mitchell Tsai was pretty happy with how things turned out. He had been taking gender swapping pills five times a day while he documented the side effects for his company.

Regulations made it difficult to get test subjects, so he decided to experiment on himself. By the third day, his cock had transformed into a vagina. He poked it a few times and realized that the sensations were completely different - there was a strange warmth and tingle that made him curiously play with himself.

His body shifted and morphed at the end of the first week, and he noticed that his skin felt smoother. He continued to play with his new inner folds until he accidentally triggered his first female orgasm.

By the middle of the second week, his hips had widened, and his chest grew small but firm breasts. With his notebook full of notes, he decided that it was time to stop, only to learn that abstinence was turning him back.

But when he finally accepted his womanhood, he decided that he didn’t mind. He’d continue to document his transition into a biological female. There were tons of people who could benefit from this simple transition, and with his experiment a landslide success, he had a funny feeling that he was going to get a lot more praise now that he was a girl.

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