Thursday, June 2, 2022

My girlfriend's body

Bryce happily squeezed his girlfriend’s breasts while he enjoyed the summer sun with her. He and Jane had voluntarily swapped bodies for a week with the help of their local body swap clinic.

At first, Bryce wasn’t sure how to feel. His girlfriend was on her period at the time, so he had to deal with pads. But after the bleeding stopped, things got a lot better.

He explored his temporary body with his girlfriend’s help. They went as far as having sex, and that was a real eye opener. Jane couldn’t last more than thirty seconds for their first time. But after they had a few extra days of practice, they really settled into their new bodies quickly.

Bryce picked out new tops and bathing suits for his girlfriend. Trying them on at the mall was another fun experience for him. He felt like there were a lot more clothing options for girls - he never cared about what he wore until he had a chance to be inside of Jane.

Now that today was their last day, Bryce knew that they were going to have to do this again.

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