Tuesday, June 14, 2022

I'm so much better now!


Tom brushed his red hair back while his friend struggled to speak. Maggie’s face was completely red after Tom asked her out for coffee, but after a few seconds of struggling to form words, she finally said yes.

Of course, Maggie had no idea that Tom had taken transition pills to transform his body. She thought a pretty girl had finally asked her out. Tom secretly knew that she was a lesbian, but she was always afraid of what people might think. Tom wanted her so badly that he decided to try getting her out of her shell. It was a new drug that he was doing for his job. College was expensive, so he had to find a way to fund his studies without going into insane amounts of debt.

He couldn’t believe how real everything felt. He also couldn’t believe how confident he was. Tom was always plagued by low self-esteem. Now, things were different. He took the pills for two weeks straight, and his body and mind steadily changed. His chest grew breasts, and his cock became smaller and smaller until he woke up to a vagina of his very own. By the seventh day, his hair had grown so long that he had to get it trimmed.

His newfound beauty was a positive surprise too. He felt so ugly his entire life. Now that he was wearing his little sister’s dress, he felt elegant and free. Even the doctors were amazed at how quickly his body had changed. They couldn’t promise that they would be able to change him back, but Tom didn’t care. He loved being a woman. “What t-time did you want to go?” Maggie asked.

He took her hand and pulled her along. “Let’s get some coffee now.”

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