Monday, June 27, 2022

My friend's remote


Jordan looked to his left and immediately frowned when he saw Aaron bringing over the body swap remote. “You fixed it?” Jordan asked a little fearfully. After spending a week as Sona, he was finally used to being a woman. Having an opportunity to live as her opened his eyes - he loved the fact that everybody seemed to be noticing him. Sona’s boyfriend, Aaron, wasn’t happy when he found out Jordan had been playing around with his remote he had made. After the swap, the remote blew up, and Aaron had to repair it himself.

“It’s not actually fixed yet,” Aaron said. “I just need to replace the battery. But I wanted to personally ask you something. It’s a little ... weird. Did you want to stay this way?”

Jordan’s heart skipped a beat. “Seriously?”

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself a lot. I feel like you’re actually a lot nicer than Sona is.”

Jordan rose a brow. He knew that Aaron wasn’t talking about how sweet Sona was. The sex they both had was amazing, and Jordan felt things that he hadn’t felt before. “But what about Sona? She’s going to talk.”

“Who’s going to believe her?”

A naughty smile crept across Jordan’s lips. He fought the urge to do the right thing, but when he felt Aaron’s arms wrapping around his lower back, Jordan decided to stay this way forever.

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