Friday, June 24, 2022

Trapped with the witch


“We need to find a way to separate ourselves,” Yvonne whispered in his mind. “God, this wasn’t supposed to happen. This was supposed to be MY body.”

“Maybe after I get settled. No need to rush things. Besides, you kind of tried screwing me over. I’m not in a rush to help you.”

“Andrea? Who’re you talking to?” A voice suddenly asked from behind him. Wayne looked over his shoulder and rose a brow at Kelsey. She was still just barely getting out of bed when she saw him standing by the window talking angrily to himself. His heart dropped, but he still managed to keep calm when she inevitably asked who he was talking to.

After he possessed Andrea’s body to start a new life, he noticed a lot of strange side effects to the old woman’s spell. His old work friend, Yvonne, had magically placed his soul inside of Andrea in exchange for her soul. Since Wayne was about to go to jail for murder, he needed to get a second chance.

Yvonne was the answer. Upon consuming Andrea’s soul, Wayne’s soul completely took over her young 20-year-old body. Everything worked out perfectly until a few minutes ago. The problem now was that Yvonne was trapped inside of the girl’s body with him. The old woman successfully absorbed Andrea’s soul, but her soul latched onto her body when Wayne foolishly triggered the spell too soon. The witch had been dormant inside of Andrea’s body until the night after Wayne slept with Andrea’s girlfriend.

“Sorry, I’m just singing to myself,” Wayne lied as he joined his new girlfriend on the bed. It was going to be annoying having Yvonne screaming in his mind, but he wanted to get comfortable with his stolen life first. After all, how many criminals actually had a second chance at life?

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