Friday, June 17, 2022

Sexily Dark Body Theft: Bundle Volume 10


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Enjoy four published short stories in the tenth body theft erotica bundle compiled by Jimmy Zappa. This is a compilation containing female to female and male to female body swaps and possessions with dark twists and turns in every story. There are themes of magic, age regression, age progression, and gender swapping.

Living Inside Me (F2F Body Swap)

Two best friends use a body swap potion to temporarily switch bodies. Emily and Eun-jee transfer all willingness and consent to live as each other for several days with the help and guidance of Doctor Susan Richter. After a few days of getting used to their new bodies, Emily attempts to do the unthinkable. She tries to convince Susan to make the swap permanent. Eun-jee comes from a wealthy family of billionaires, while Emily works in retail and struggles to pay for her student loans. Doctor Richter agrees and decides to try helping her - but there's a catch. One of the two girls has a sexy body to die for, and this particular doctor has been waiting for this moment for a long time.

My Husband's Girlfriend (F2F Body Swap)

Maggie is a college girl who has been sleeping with a married man for months, and his transgender wife, Tatiana, happily accepts it. On their potentially final night, Joshua introduces the young woman to an extremely kinky sex dungeon with shackles and a mask. She thinks it's all just part of his fantasies until the mask's magic becomes triggered. The couple has been planning on using the cursed mask's magic for years, and Maggie ends up being the only person willing enough to keep their sensual relationship going. Unfortunately, sex and love are the two things required for the mask to work, and those are two things that Maggie and Tatiana both have for Joshua as he triggers the mask's dark magic. Before Maggie knows it, she finds herself slowly losing everything from her thirsty lust and desire for Tatiana's perfect husband.

Fixing Tara's Marriage (F2F Body Possession)

When she realized that her husband was seeing another woman, Tara didn't know what to do. She's afraid of confronting him about it. Thankfully, her coworker has an idea. According to her, a storeowner down the road helped fix her marriage. Donna gave the witch full permission to use dark magic to confront her own spoiled husband on her behalf. By temporarily possessing Donna, she gained the confidence to confront her own husband, ultimately fixing her marriage by allowing Alexa to do as she pleased. Her friend suggests seeing the woman, and Tara agrees when she realizes that she has no other options. Unfortunately, Donna and Alexa are tight on money, and Tara soon discovers that they're willing to do anything to get what they want.

The Teacher's Pet (M2F Body Possession)

Two college girls, Alyssa and Hannah, have been learning magic together for a year, but when their magic teacher is unable to finish their final lesson together due to work, they take their learning into their own hands. Alone in their teacher's library, Alyssa leaves to use the bathroom when the other girl tries a spell. She accidentally grows a real, throbbing penis. Initially afraid at first, her crush and friend returns from her bathroom break and decides to test it. All of it seems like hot fun as they lose themselves in their lust. Just as it's about to end, Hannah finally confesses her real feelings, but Alyssa is conflicted by all of this. Lurking in the shadows, a dying Mr. Wolff waits for a chance to use his own dark magic. Alyssa is his secret assistant and girlfriend, and she's willing to do anything to physically and mentally prepare Hannah as his new body.

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