Sunday, June 5, 2022

My hot teacher


Angie couldn’t believe her luck when she watched her teacher undress. Every inch of his body looked ripped as he approached her. Mr. Craig’s hands grabbed the curves of her borrowed waist as he planted kisses against her cheek and neck. Angie moaned quietly to herself while he trapped her beneath his body.

She only had an hour left before her body possession potion wore off. After sneaking a few drops into Mrs. Craig’s body, she didn’t waste any time in activating the spell. Her soul became a cloud of smoke rushing out of her mouth and sliding into every pore of Mrs. Craig. Now, she had blonde, soft hair and unbelievably smooth legs. This girl was high maintenance, and Angie found herself feeling a little curious about exploring the girl’s body. Everybody at school knew that Mr. Craig had married an unbelievably young girl after his wife passed away.

Angie loved the thought of pretending to be her for a day. What she wasn’t expecting was the way her body repeatedly betrayed her. Every word her teacher said made her legs go weak. Angie always had a crush on Mr. Craig, but she didn’t think of him sexually like this until she borrowed Mrs. Craig’s body. As the teacher disappeared between her stolen legs, Angie let out a surprised moan as sparks of hot fire ran along her body. She decided that she was going to enjoy her last hour as much as she could. I’ll have time to do this again, she thought naughtily.

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