Wednesday, June 22, 2022

My best friend's girlfriend


Trey slowly put on Emilia’s cute little hat. Now air still felt a little warm, but the A/C was finally starting to cool things down for him. “Sorry, are you already ready, Emilia?” A deep voice asked.

Trey looked across the room and smirked when he saw Martin coming down the stairs. “Yeah, I just finished up in the washroom downstairs. Are you ready?” A faint ripple of heat rushed through him as he watched the fit man tower over him in the living room. Trey still felt sore from the last few nights, but after getting really comfortable with his best friend, he didn’t really care about the aching between his legs. He actually wanted more, and he was going to get some later that afternoon at the beach.

“I packed everything in the truck,” Martin said. “Got the right lube this time.”

Trey smiled at that. “Good, I can’t wait until we get there. We’re still staying overnight, right?” Martin nodded as Trey happily took the man’s hand. He realized that the mistake wasn’t so bad. The sex in the girlfriend’s body felt incredible. Trey had accidentally possessed the woman with his spell a week ago - the magic was intended for Martin. Trey wanted to have Emilia so badly that he did the unthinkable. He asked a spiritual healer to permanently place his mind inside of Martin. But now that he was inside of Emilia, he realized that this was actually a blessing.

He was going to love being Emilia, and the best part about it was that Martin had no idea that he was his new girlfriend.


  1. Love it, great caption!!!

  2. Great caption!!! I'd love a longer story like this, jealous of his friend seeing him and his girl out together. How much he wants to be with her, get his hands on her body until he finds his solution. Then ending up in her body maybe in the darkness he realizes his mistake ending up in her body in the middle of sex. Then the next day waking up and seeing that ring on his finger he's now engaged no wonder why his friend canceled his plans with him.