Sunday, June 26, 2022

Callum's Stepmother Part 2


Bree returned to her bedroom upstairs when she knew her body was completely out cold. After a few more hours, her old body’s brain was going to be permanently damaged from the lack of oxygen. Obviously, she couldn’t afford to have her old body die yet. She still had certain assets that needed transferring, but once all of that was done, she’d be able to forget about keeping Kate alive in her old body.

Bree originally wanted to test her stepson’s daughter. Their family was an incredibly rich one, but Kate was a huge red flag. She spent way too much money, and the upcoming wedding was way too expensive. Callum was blind, but Bree and her husband Conan weren’t so dumb. When she returned to her bedroom, she saw her husband lying on the bed. “Bree?” He asked suspiciously. A smile stretched across her new body’s face. “Wow, so it worked.”

Bree excitedly joined him in the bed and planted a kiss against his lips. “Are you surprised?”

He tugged her closer and locked his lips against her own. His kiss was deeper as she felt a hand around her waist. He turned her over and let her rest over his lap as he sat up. “No. I’m not. What about her, though? She won’t fight back?”

“Not after I drugged her,” Bree said. “She’ll never know what happened.”

“What about my Callum, though?”

“Who cares?” Her husband looked at her with a worried look, but when his lips landed against the side of her new body’s neck, she just knew that he was fine with all of this. The hardness of his cock through his shorts felt wonderful as her throbbing nub demanded for more than just his warm touch. They were going to explore her new body and worry about breaking the bad news to Callum later.

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  1. Wow, I wonder how the stepson's going to take it? I'd be mad if my girlfriend was sleeping with my dad.