Saturday, June 18, 2022

My silly niece

Lindsay always loved her aunt. Aunt Becky had always supported her through difficult times. She even let the young woman stay at her place for months when Lindsay had issues at home with her dad and mom.

Sadly, because her cancer had dangerously spread throughout her body, she couldn’t go do things that she used to do. Three debilitating strokes rendered her unable to speak clearly.

So, Lindsay offered to swap bodies for a day using their local body swap clinic. Her aunt agreed with a frantic nod. It was an experimental procedure, but tons of people had used the facility without any issues. The facility even went as far as bringing a full unit to the hospital so they didn’t have to move Aunt Becky anywhere.

Unfortunately, the dying aunt had other plans in mind. Everything about her new body felt amazing. The pain around her body was gone, and she felt fit. She was the healthiest she had ever been in years, and it was all thanks to her lovely niece. But after the swap was finally a success, she left her dying body and ran as far away from the hospital as possible.

It took three days before Lindsay realized that everybody had turned on her. Her aunt had bribed the body swap clinic with the last of her savings to destroy their paperwork. All records about the swap were destroyed, and when Lindsay tried to ask the hospital staff for help, nobody could understand her.

All she could do was wait for her time to come.

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