Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Fun at the swap resort


“Cheers,” Tianna (left) and Mark (right) said before sipping from their wine glasses. After a week exploring the countryside, they were spending their final day at the Swap Resort.

They were a hardworking couple that wanted to take a break from it all. Mark was a surgeon, and Tianna was an account manager at a busy food distribution company. The crappy thing about being middle-aged was the fact that they couldn’t do anything too physical anymore. Mark had been an avid hiker and swimmer, so when they were looking at resort destinations, they didn’t have many options.

When they were told that they could borrow willing bodies to take part in outdoor physical activities, they both jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, there weren’t anymore male bodies to use, so Mark had to use a young woman as his vessel.

After a little bit of adjusting, he realized that he preferred things this way. He got a discount since his female body was going through her period, but once the bleeding stopped after a few days, he got really comfortable and curious.

They explored the forested regions around the resort and had a chance to relive their youths. And with a supportive wife like Tianna, Mark was able to get pointers on how to really get the most out of his feminine body. After a night together in their young bodies, they both decided that they were definitely going to do this again.

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