Sunday, June 12, 2022

My dad's machine gave me her body


Jordan smirked as he sat on the stairway. Travis stared down at him with a look of shock and horror as he took a step back. “How? Why?”

Jordan couldn’t help but laugh. “If you were dying, then you would‘ve done the same thing. Yeah, kinda weird how I chose to be a girl, but she was the only willing body at the time. And I don’t regret any of it.” After pretending to be Travis’ girlfriend for the past month, the truth finally came out with the body thief decided to come clean. Everything had worked out perfectly for him, and he wasn’t afraid of Travis telling people about the fact that he now controlled Cassandra. “Nobody will believe you,” the body thief had laughed. “Don’t even try it.”

Cassandra had been willing to help Jordan with anything he needed. He was dying from cancer, and since they’d known each other since childhood, she was fairly comfortable with her.

What Cassandra didn’t know was that Jordan’s father was working on a machine in the basement for his company. His father wasn’t willing to let his son die, so he decided to ask Cassandra if she’d be willing to try out his latest invention. He didn’t tell her what it was going to do, but Cassandra agreed. She trusted the both of them.

Her trustworthiness proved to be her downfall. Now, Jordan had her slim body, and he was looking forward to every day of his stolen life. 

And there was nothing Travis could do.

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