Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Letting my pro friend play for me

When Selina asked Lewis to play her upcoming tennis match for her, he wasn’t expecting to have a hard time. He thought training her body and practicing was all he had to worry about. After using the body swap clinic to switch their bodies, he figured things were going to be easy.

But he had to get used to wearing Selina’s revealing clothing. Between the periods and constant staring, Lewis felt uncomfortable for the two months of training. He also had a hard time keeping away from other guys. Despite him being completely straight in his own body, Selina’s body was naturally attracted to other men. He started noticing things that he hadn’t noticed before.

Thankfully, his friend had a lot of things covered for him to make things easier. She knew that he’d struggle as a girl. Selina had all of his expenses paid for - all she had to do was live life at his home while he prepared her body for her biggest game of the year.

But when Selina’s coach, Adam, started flirting with him two days before the big game, Lewis finally caved in. Selina’s body hadn’t been pleasured in weeks out of fear that he could get in trouble.

But when he felt the man’s arms around his waist, he figured a little bit of fun couldn’t hurt. He only had the day of Selina’s match to really enjoy himself, and he figured he deserved something extra for his troubles before swapping back.

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