Wednesday, June 8, 2022

My auntie's stone

A week had passed since Auntie Darlene stole Chrissy’s body. She was originally staying over for the aunt’s funeral, and Chrissy had been staying in Darlene’s room for the entire stay. What the young girl didn’t know was that her aunt wasn’t actually dead. The 55-year-old woman’s ghost was still lingering, and with her niece sleeping next to her cursed stone, the older woman stole Chrissy’s body without much effort.

Of course, Chrissy knew exactly what was going on. She desperately tried to fight for control, especially when she realized that the ugly looking stone on Darlene’s dresser was actually the cause of the transfer. Every few minutes, the young woman would be able to overpower the body thief. She could move her arms and legs momentarily, but whenever she’d get too close to the stone, Auntie Darlene would regain control.

Unfortunately, the more Chrissy did this, the stronger the spell became. By the time a week had past, Darlene had permanent control, and all Chrissy could do was watch her aunt run away with her life.

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