Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Tricked by my boyfriend


Jade watched helplessly from across the pool and watched her boyfriend wave at her. Gordon convinced her to swap bodies for a day through magic, and since it was his birthday, she was more than willing to try it.

It intrigued her, especially when he mentioned trying out a threesome with one of their close friends. What Jade wasn’t expecting was for Gordon to ask Kelly to join in.

Kelly used to be her best friend until she naturally drifted away. Eventually, the two girls grew resentful well beyond their high school years. Suddenly, Kelly was all smiles when Gordon wrapped her arm around her neck.

Jade couldn’t believe how quickly he repaired their relationship. It was almost like they’d been friends for years. But Jade understood why Kelly seemed so eager to become friends with her. “He’s hot, isn’t he?” Gordon asked in Jade’s voice.

Kelly couldn’t help but bite her lower lip and nod. They made their way back to their apartment and got ready for an incredible night. And when the three of them had sex, Jade noticed just how much more attached Kelly was to her. Sex as a man felt incredible, especially when she finally felt her first male orgasm. That was when she made the realization that she was doing this to get into Gordon’s pants.

And when Jade swapped back, it didn’t take long for her to realize that Gordon had done this all on purpose. He left her for Kelly, and Jade only had herself to blame.

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