Saturday, July 1, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 7


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Annette didn't want to worry about Laura while she sucked her new stepbrother off. She focused on his breathing while she worshipped his length. Laura was too weak to do anything, so it wasn’t like she was going to be able to escape and get help. Her mind was going to break apart and rearrange itself, so it wasn’t like the body thief was going to have to worry about her for that long.

Despite not wanting to think about Laura, her mind was stuck on betraying her best friend until Johnny suddenly came inside her mouth. His fingers roughly dug into her hair, she let out a giggle when she realized that he could barely contain himself. She knew exactly what men wanted, and she completely forgot that Johnny probably hadn’t fucked that many girls before. "Sorry," he murmured. "I can't believe how good that felt." She pulled away and got onto the nearby bed, putting on a sly smirk while she stretched along the fabric. The faint scent of Laura's perfume lingered in the air, and while she spread apart her sexy legs, she noticed Johnny's cock getting hard again.

"Look at that," she cooed. "You're already ready. You don't have to be sorry about anything." She crossed her legs and cupped her large breasts. "I don't blame you, though. Don't worry. With a body like this, I'd be worried if you weren't finishing that quickly." She gave him a wink before suddenly turning over onto her knees. She looked over her shoulder and waited for him to mount her. "We'll start off slowly, though. I don't want you to cum too quickly this time."

Annette let out a moan as she felt the man's cock push inside of her. She was initially afraid of his massive rod hurting her, but she was amazed at how perfectly he fit between her legs. His entire shaft was gone, and her leaking folds squeezed him while he pushed in and out of her. She moaned even louder, hoping that Laura could hear her as the two made love. The sound of their moans were all that was echoing in her ears while her slim fingers gripped the dampening sheets beneath them.

"Oh fuck," she moaned. "This is so dirty. Fucking you in my bed."

"Laura," he groaned upon grabbing her waist. He held her still, his wonderful lips planting themselves along Annette's bare back while he struggled not to cum. It took nearly half a minute before he started thrusting into her again, but he thankfully stopped himself from ejaculating. His lips moved up her back and against the side of her neck. His hands moved all along her body while he fucked her from behind, and Annette could feel him enjoying her large breasts and abs. "I can't believe these are actually real. I didn't see any scars."

"Do you like my body?" She purred. He pushed her down against the sheets and went at his deepest, and she immediately knew his answer. He became rougher with her. He took handfuls of her long, black hair and tugged hard while he aggressively began to dominate her. She pleaded for more and felt the pleasure beginning to intensify. In her old body, a single orgasm was all she could have, but the more stimulated her crotch became, the more she realized that this type of pleasure could potentially be never ending. It didn't take long before Annette began to scream, and for the first time in her life, she began to truly shiver out of control.

She screamed while her orgasm overwhelmed her. She gripped the sheets and tossed her hair, enjoying the feeling of Johnny's cock ravaging her womanhood while her drenched pussy clenched him tightly. She squirted hard while her legs quaked and her arms shook, but even after her orgasm subsided, she continued to feel that unbearable pleasure coursing through her. The sensation was indescribable, and the ecstasy eventually made her feel completely defenseless. Compared to her old body, Laura's orgasms felt stronger. "Make me yours," she pleaded. "Do whatever you want. Please, Johnny, punish me..."

The loss of control elevated the excitement she was experiencing. The thought of letting the stepbrother do anything to her body gave him extra control over her powerful new body. Covering her defined abs or making a mess of her thighs made her eager to see what he'd do, so she waited and moaned in anticipation while he pulled out and rolled her onto her side. His cock hovered just above her lips. “Oh fuck…” He stroked his glistening cock before abruptly pushing himself inside her mouth, and the eruption of his seed filled her stolen body's mouth. He groaned while he emptied himself in her mouth, and she obediently sucked and worked his veiny length. She gulped loudly and hard before he finally pulled out and collapsed beside her naked body. Their glistening bodies cuddled together in complete silence while Annette happily listened to a faint banging sound somewhere down the hall. Thankfully, Johnny was too tired to notice it as the two spent the first of their many nights together with her perfect body.

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  1. It looks like Annette has everything she wanted. I wonder if Laura manages to escape.