Saturday, July 22, 2023

Taking my friend's attributes

It was a strange, almost alien sensation that coursed through Pam's body as she stepped out of the chalk circle. Her nerves tingled, a bizarre buzzing that sent jolts of electricity down her spine, making her shiver despite the warm glow of the candles. Her eyes, wide with both fear and anticipation, lowered slowly to her body that shifted and morphed before her very eyes. Her breasts grew larger, and her waist became wider. Pleasure emanated from between her legs while her lower extremities felt like they were changing too. A gasp of surprise escaped her as she took in the change, and excitement only bloomed when she saw her boyfriend’s eyes checking her out.

She'd used her grandmother's old spell book, an heirloom handed down through generations of witches, and cast a spell to absorb Jade. She was her so-called “friend” who frequently came over when Pam and Eric moved in. And as the spell hit Jade, she had screamed, the sound chilling, primal, full of a terror that made Pam's skin crawl. Jade had been reduced to ethereal fragments, seeping into Pam, dissolving into her while her body transformed. “I’m sorry,” were Pam’s last words to her as she absorbed her physical being. Before she knew it, the screaming had stopped, leaving a strange, unnerving quiet. And in that silence, Pam had felt the change wash over her.

“Help,” Jade’s faint voice echoed before finally becoming one with Pam’s. Running her hands along her transformed body, she let out a loud squeal. Gone was her flat, overly skinny body. She collapsed on the nearby bed in disbelief, her breath hitching in her throat as she traced the new lines and contours of her figure. Eric sat down beside her, a look of awe on his face that reflected her own shock. His familiar cologne filled her nostrils, a scent she had come to associate with love and comfort, but now it was making her head spin.

"How are you feeling?" Eric asked, his voice soft, filled with a quiet worry that tugged at her heart.

"Just a bit dizzy," she confessed, managing to find her feet and make her way to the bathroom. As she caught her reflection in the mirror, a gasp tore from her lips. Her face was stunning. She still had her original eyes, but the rest of her was Jade. Her figure was slender yet shapely, the weight sitting perfectly in all the right places. Her smile looked incredible, and she had a youthful glow to her body. Her skin was clear and flawless, the acne that had been a constant battle throughout her teenage years was entirely gone. Her hair, once thin and brittle, now fell in silky cascades over her shoulders.

"I look so gorgeous now after absorbing her..." she whispered, the words falling from her lips in a shaky breath. “God, I was feeling horrible for stabbing her in the back like that. I needed her trust to make the absorption spell work, but now that I have all of this, I look so fucking beautiful.”

Eric moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her new body, pulling her against him. He pressed a tender kiss to her cheek, and a rush of heat moved through her. She realized that she was hornier now that she had Jade inside of her, and she was getting eager to relieve herself. "You’ve always been beautiful, but now, you’re perfect." His voice echoed in the bathroom, sending vibrations throughout her transformed flesh. It was a new beginning, the birth of Pam's new self, a self that was ready to face the world with newfound confidence as she took her boyfriend’s hand to guide him back into their bedroom. With a body as perfect as this, Pam was looking forward to giving it a test run.

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