Monday, July 10, 2023

They were too cute

Today was supposed to be the perfect start to Kayleigh's (left) weekend with her best friend, Millie (right). They had been sucking up the sun's rays at the local pool, and the last thing on their minds was work. They worked at a local retail store as cashiers, and after being overworked for nearly half a year straight, it was nice to finally get a chance to unwind. The day before on Friday, they spent the entire day getting their nails done at the local spa, and they even went on a light shopping spree to get ready for their two weeks off. But after noticing two dogs with overly big green collars, the two girls became distracted. They pulled themselves out of the pool and realized that their owner wasn't nearby. The two female dogs wagged their tails and followed them around, and Millie found herself struggling to keep her hands to herself. She crouched down and petted one of them, and that inevitably encouraged Kayleigh to join in.

They were the only people at the pool, so it wasn't like their owners were close. But when a flash of white light came from both of the green collars, the two girls realized something was happening. Both dogs began to growl and pant as the collars flashed again, and then the dogs stood up on their hind legs. Their cute eyes began to glow, and the two girls tried to back away from the blinding white light. They quickly looked at each other with uncertainty - neither of them knew what was happening, but when the blinding light ended, the girls were staring up at their damp bodies.

Kayleigh couldn't believe her eyes when she watched her body embrace Millie's. The two girls had somehow swapped bodies with the dogs, and all they could do was whine. "It actually worked," Kayleigh's body said. "That took way too long, though. I almost forgot who I was. I'm amazed that these were the only people who decided to be around us for a decent amount of time." With a loud click, the two collars around their necks fell, and the two body thieves immediately took them away. "Well, at least these need to get charged again. What do you think, Adam? Should we get these charged up?"

"We could definitely keep these bodies for another time," Millie's body said. "We'll swap with our own bodies back at the lab whenever. We have to document everything first. Besides, with any luck, the two girls will start to think they're actually dogs. I felt the same way too - the same thing might happen with these bodies, Sam."

"Well, let's head back to the lab and explore ourselves," Kayleigh's body said with a smirk. "We'll go back into our bodies if anything weird happens. I can't wait to actually play with these things. But we should definitely get rid of these dogs first. We can't let them have a chance to get these hot bodies back now that they know what we've done. These are good dog breeds, so it's not like we won't be able to find somebody wanting them. They're always in demand for puppy mills."

Kayleigh and Millie felt helpless in their dog bodies. It wouldn't be long before they'd learn that the two body thieves were criminals who would go on to regularly sell bodies on the black market. Unfortunately, they were also very good at covering their tracks. While Kayleigh and Millie's stolen bodies had their own fun, the trapped girls could feel their minds slowly becoming simpler and simpler.

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  1. Wow, powerful and evil! I enjoyed it. Sometimes the wicked should win. Still, it would be fun to see these two body thieves continue stealing bodies, but selling them to the highest bidders and eventually getting caught.