Saturday, July 15, 2023

Replacing the hot receptionist

"Is it actually you, though?” Aaron asked when he saw Marilou pulling off her green dress. “Oh fuck, it really is. This is actually real. All of it’s real.”

Marilou looked at him and smirked when his eyes became glued to her half-naked body. “Of course it’s real. Did you think I was insane?” She slowly tiptoed to him in her black lingerie and planted a kiss against his lips. She kicked off her heels and dress and bit her lower lip. “You did so well for me,” she whispered as he wrapped his hands around her waist. “There’s just one final thing.”

“Will it actually give you her body forever?”

She nodded. “All you have to do is fuck me. Do as I say, and we’ll have much more fun…”

Elaine, the office receptionist, was easily convinced to drink Marilou's special swap potion, and the body swap went off without a hitch. Naturally, she would have been wary of an unexpected request to consume a mysterious liquid. Thankfully, it wasn't difficult to sneak it into her morning coffee, especially if it was Aaron. He was the one who did the morning coffee run, so he was the perfect person to help Marilou with this.

Marilou was set to retire on a lousy pension, and she was eager to grow in their marketing agency when she came upon a witch's recipe book.  After a long day of fighting sleep, Marilou awoke in the younger woman's body. She'd taken the same concoction, but this time she drank many bottles of wine to ensure she stayed unconscious.

Deep down, it was also a way to make her feel better. She felt cheated at life. She dedicated so many hours into a company that didn’t value her. It didn’t take long before she began to run into constant debt problems. By the time she reached her fifties,  she was stuck in a middle management job after being passed up on higher positions for years.

But, she had the opportunity for a second chance at life upon discovering the recipe book. By drinking the same potion, the two women eventually swapped bodies at the end of the afternoon, and the only way to make it permanent was through sex. Elaine was probably going to complain once she woke up in Marilou’s drunk old body, but Marilou didn’t care. Nobody would believe the words of a crazy old woman who hated life. Marilou eagerly led Aaron to their boss’ office – the workers had left for the day, but they wanted a little bit of privacy.

“Fuck me right here,” she ordered. “And fuck me good. I want to make my first time in this body the best experience possible. Okay, dear?”

Nodding, he grasped her slender hips and pushed her onto a nearby desk. Trapping her beneath his muscular arms, he planted kisses against her stolen body. She moaned when she could feel his big cock brushing against her crotch before finally slipping in. It didn’t take long before they both came, but it also didn’t take long for Elaine to wake up in her significantly older body with a horrified look in her eyes. The only reason she caught on so quickly was because of Marilou’s moaning. Unfortunately, by the time Elaine found the key to the nearby office, the deed had already been done. Aaron claimed Marilou’s stolen inner folds, and Elaine was stuck in an older woman’s body forever.

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