Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Well, that didn't work out

My head was spinning when I opened my eyes. After chanting the spell, the magic immediately did its work. I visualized Dustin, my boss, and focused hard on becoming him. He ruined every possibility for a promotion at our pharmaceutical company, and I fully planned on ruining things with his personal life before finally giving my notice. I found a spell online that could let me possess anybody I imagined, and I immediately went to work with what I had out of desperation.

The smell of something citrusy filled the air when I stared at a plate of mandarins. The sour taste was still in my mouth, and while I swallowed the juices, I looked down at my chest. Two firm breasts stuck out through a T-shirt I didn't recognize, and the sound of the nearby television screen made me realize that I was actually in a completely different place.

I couldn't believe that I was in another woman's body. I stuck my legs up and noticed how skinny I looked now. Green socks hugged my small feet, and my fingers ran through my silky black hair while I heard a buzzing sound across the room. A cell phone lit up, so I hurried over to it and noticed that I was getting messages from somebody. A person whose name consisted of just heart emojis was trying to say something, but when I tried to open the phone up, I was met with a lock screen. "Who am I?" I whispered in a sweet, feminine voice. I walked around the room and saw photographs of a blonde woman I didn't recognize. One of the photos had Dustin beside her, and I realized that it was probably his wife. "I'm not even his wife, though." Sitting back on the bed, I tried to figure out why this was happening. "I was supposed to be in his body..." 

I was afraid at first, but when I felt the warmth emanating between my legs, circling my crotch made me decide that this wasn't going to be so bad. My fingers traced down to the elastic waist of the shorts I was wearing, and I pulled them down to reveal my hairless, smooth mound. I found the clit, which was tiny, but I curiously touched it like I would mine. "Oh wow," I whispered while the pleasure flowed through me. I began to rub faster and faster until I was overcome with a surge of pleasure, and then I felt the warmth between my legs.

It was a flood of wetness that left the sheets soaked, and I looked down in surprise at the fluid dripping from my body. It was something new that I hadn't felt before, and I was concerned about what it might mean. "Maybe I'm sick."

My skin began to tingle when I noticed how much more sensitive it was. I touched myself again out of reflex, and I had to try to mentally tell myself to stop. My hands couldn't stop touching the slick flesh until the nearby door slammed open. I could see Dustin worriedly looking at me, and the blonde woman was standing right beside him. "I fucking knew it," the wife spat. "You HAVE been seeing other women. You're so fucking screwed, Dustin. I'm done with you, and I'm going to take everything."

A naughty smile spread over my lips. I didn't realize it until then, but I successfully ruined Dustin's personal life. He had been texting me to get out of the house since his wife had grown suspicious. My body was his wife’s assistant, and things were getting heated in their marriage. Unfortunately, I trapped myself in his mistress' body. I didn't know until much later, but there was a clause that stated that an orgasm would trap me in my new body forever, and my soul would eventually absorb her own in the process. I was trapped in a gorgeous woman, and it wouldn't be months later that I'd realized that I was pregnant with his child. Of course, he didn’t want to have anything to do with me, especially after I started overeating and letting myself go. I ruined his marriage and inadvertently made my own life worse, and now I was going to have to figure out how to make the most out of my life.

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