Sunday, July 9, 2023

Covered and devoured

One evening, Emma found herself scrolling listlessly through her phone. The tiny screen was awash with images of people, places, pets, and plates of food. Among them was Sarah Bouchard, her distant best friend, now an Instagram model with an ever-growing following. Emma remembered Sarah as she was in their freshman year, shy and self-conscious, worried about her body, and afraid of the spotlight. But the girl she saw on the screen bore no resemblance to Sarah. 

This was a different Sarah. She was bold, confident, surrounded by adoring men in every picture and short video. Emma blinked in disbelief while she studied each photograph, each comment, each emoji with a growing sense of bewilderment. People were thirsty over her. Emma remembered how shy Sarah had been. The change had been abrupt, leaving Emma to feel as though she had missed some critical turning point. The Sarah she had known was not this glamourous, sought-after model, but a modest girl, uncomfortable in her own skin. Now she was flaunting her body, embracing the attention, relishing in the compliments. 

It was a new reality that Emma was struggling to accept. Between the two of them, Sarah had always been the person who felt inadequate. Emma always felt better about herself knowing that Sarah would always be uglier than her. But a change in her personality and her hair easily changed things. Her shy friend began working out more, and her attractiveness only scaled. Men fawned over her body, their eyes filled with admiration, their smiles wide with delight. Emma felt a pang of sorrow and jealousy. 

Emma closed the app and set her phone aside, a wave of sadness washing over her. Sarah's transformation had come at a cost; it had cost them their friendship. She felt a gnawing sense of jealousy, a feeling she had never associated with Sarah before. But seeing her now, in the limelight, adored and admired, it was hard not to feel a hint of envy.

But Emma had no idea what was going on behind her former friend’s eyes. Sarah literally wasn’t Sarah anymore. Instead, an obsessive boyfriend had taken over her life. Xavier was always jealous of how close Emma and Sarah had been. He obsessed over their relationship, and his desire to be in Sarah’s life only worsened as time went on.

Unfortunately, Sarah had turned him down on multiple occasions. He remained in the friend zone until he discovered a spell that could transform him into a slime creature. All he had to do was use a spell that would permanently turn him into something completely unhuman, and once in his slime form, he’d be able to slip into any person he wanted. He was no longer a person, but he didn’t care. As he slipped over his crush’s body as she slept on one fateful night, Sarah would immediately wake up and try to pull off the slime. But by the time she realized what was happening, Xavier had completely covered her from head to toe. She could feel the slime squeezing her flesh while it swallowed her body. It didn’t take long before parts of the slime slipped down her throat, ultimately taking over her body like a parasite while her mind became locked away forever.

It didn’t take long before Xavier began to make adjustments to his stolen life. Now that he was Sarah, he could do whatever he wanted. He began pampering himself and taking care of his new body, and within months, he’d gone from an awkward college girl to a vixen that every guy could want. At the cost of all of Sarah’s relationships, he had gained everything he could have ever wanted as Sarah Bouchard.

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