Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Taking care of my stepson

Devon was exhausted as he rested on his side. Maya was smiling at him, her gorgeous face covered with sweat while she hugged him close. He couldn't believe how restless she seemed. For the first time since they started dating, she seemed to be the one taking initiative on everything on a nearly consistent basis. The entire weekend felt so surreal, and it almost felt like they'd been fucking nonstop. It was the weirdest feeling, especially since Devon felt like their relationship was starting to fall apart.

But something had changed, and he wasn't sure what it was. He wasn't sure if it was something he said or something that he did that made Maya so willing to please him. She kissed his lips and smiled. "You look so tired," she teased. Devon didn't really have the energy to respond. It took all of his energy to be able to move a little. Maya licked her lips and kissed him again. "It's okay, I think I'm done for the night. You have work in the morning - don't want you losing your hours over me."

That was another thing that was different. Maya hated the fact that Devon spent so much time working at a store that didn't pay him a decent wage. He was working minimum wage as a stocker, but he found a lot of pride in being able to work quickly and efficiently. Maya constantly berated him, and that was part of the thing that made their relationship a little rocky. She worked as a receptionist and constantly berated him for what he did for a living. Sure, she was paying for most of the rent, but that didn't mean she could act like a total bitch.

It didn't help that Devon's stepmom had suddenly passed away from a pulmonary embolism two months ago. Rather than be empathetic, his girlfriend ended up making things worse. "I'm really sorry that this happened," he remembered her saying. "This is just a sign. You're going to have to move on, and you'll have to end up upgrading your life. Use that negative energy and pivot." Rather than help cheer him up, she was actively trying to put him down by making him reconsider his career decisions.

But now, Maya was more respectful. It was almost like she was a different person. And as the two snuggled up together, he figured that this was all a convenient blessing. Maya adjusted her thoughts and feelings to help him feel better about himself, and she was inadvertently saving a relationship that she seemed to be trying to break apart. But nothing could be further from the truth. For over a month, Maya had been making plans to move out permanently. She hated Devon's life choices, and she knew she could do better. But after having a strange dream two months ago about Devon's stepmom chasing after her, she noticed strange things happening around their apartment. Things constantly went missing, and the dreams of Devon's stepmom became more vivid until a week ago when the young woman realized what was happening.

She was being haunted by Eva, and because she hadn't been spooked, she didn't try to leave. That ended up being her undoing. She didn't think much of it until she felt her body slowly starting to become sluggish. It didn't take long before the spirit of Devon's stepmom began to move. It turned out that Eva had used a spell to permanently send her soul into her body. She was a witch that was getting too old, and Maya’s body was the perfect vessel to start over again. The process took multiple months of spiritual exposure, but after spending so much time with her, the body thief inevitably slipped inside Maya permanently. Now, Maya was forced to watch as the twisted Eva took care of her son in every way possible, and there was nothing she could do about it.

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  1. very well written & dream like. Eva's not a nice person but hardly deserved this.good story & great pic