Friday, July 14, 2023

Helping a couple out

“Are you ready?” Millie heard a woman’s voice in the other room while she adjusted her dress.

“I’m ready when you are,” the husband answered. Millie simply shrugged and carried on with getting herself ready. Her makeup was done, and she felt comfortable now that her dress felt a little more stretched around her body. It was brand new, so she was still getting used to the fabric. When she heard a laugh in the other room, she didn’t think much of it or feel weirded out. She was just thankful that she had a roof over her head.

Millie thought the Whites were the nicest people she'd ever met when she initially moved into their two-story townhouse. She was a college student of 19 and was looking for an affordable place to live. Her last place had pushed her out, and a lot of her former roommates were overly difficult to move back in with. So, this new place was an easy choice because Nick and Arianna offered her a price reduction off the normal price. Properties nearby were being rented out for nearly triple the price, so Millie jumped at the opportunity.

Deep down, Nick and Arianna were not interested in making money off of her. She could obviously sense that, so it made her feel better knowing that they were so willing to take her in and help her out. However, she didn't know their true intentions. In reality, the middle-aged wife did her best to please her wealthy husband, but they were both unhappy. They seemed picture perfect, but they were actively struggling to maintain the hot spice in their relationship. Secretly, Nick and Arianna both agreed that their new tenant should make up for the cheap rent in other ways.

Millie was getting ready for a night out with her pals when Arianna seized her with an astral projection tiara. It was a special little machine that Nick's company had been developing. They had the only prototype and decided to take it out for a spin. A night out at a neighborhood club wasn't Arianna's idea of a good time, so she opted to have some other kind of fun with her borrowed body instead after admiring its sexy features.

At this point, she must have done it a dozen times. She went upstairs to her husband and stripped naked in front of him once she had complete control over the beautiful brunette's body. She was worried that she'd be kicked out of her borrowed flesh, but the tiara kept her mind rooted despite having taken it off. He fawned over her temporary host body to the point where the young girl inside of her squealed with delight. "I haven't been this skinny in ages, huh, honey?" She tiptoed closer to him and immediately straddled him. “Are you ready to make me purr?”

She could feel how hard he was. This was the hardest he’d been in years. And now that it was about to go inside of her, Arianna wondered what else they could do with the tiara. She could either keep her new body and start over, or they could possess any girl they wanted. The only important thing on her mind was keeping Nick happy, and as he entered inside Millie's possessed body, their excited moans made them both realize that the possibilities were endless. It didn’t take long before Millie inevitably found out what the two were doing. She’d go on to wonder why she always felt so sore every morning, and after recording herself sleeping with the husband, she wasn’t angry. She was actually a little turned on. The three would end up making a little deal. Millie would get an even bigger discount if she willingly participated in their little experiments and brought her friends back home for the couple to have fun with.


  1. can a follow up be done were they used her friends bodys and hers again then steal there bodys

  2. Gotta admit it was pretty hot seeing her enjoy it and even offer up her "friends" for this.