Saturday, July 29, 2023

Giving him her body


As Ginny caressed her boyfriend, he rested his head against her breasts. She could tell that he really liked her body. It hurt a little, especially since he no longer made her feel like the most beautiful thing in the world. But just seeing the sight of his hard cock made possessing this body worth it. "I can't believe you're about to let me do this," he murmured while he squeezed her firm ass.

That made her bite her lower lip. “I’ve told you again and again,” she said softly. “I’ll do anything for you.” Their mouths worshipped each other while their fingers locked against each other. She was amazed at how quickly they got down to business. The excitement of potentially getting caught definitely made this kinkier, but the witch couldn’t help but wonder why she couldn’t hear the teacher’s voice prior to the possession. After Ginny had successfully possessed Eddie's English teacher in order to make his special birthday a memorable one, she was expecting to have a bit of a struggle. Thankfully, no possessed person ever remembered what Ginny had done in their body, but it still seemed odd to her.

She was an inexperienced witch who was still getting the hang of the fundamentals. She was able to do more advanced techniques as a result of the help that she received from an old spell book that she found in a thrift shop. Because Ginny had the spell tried out on her boyfriend, she was confident that it was risk-free to use.

Feeling Eddie’s tongue on her nipples immediately made her snap out of it. She didn't waste any time in letting Eddie see every part of Mrs. Macky's body as he pleased. They made passionate love in Mrs. Macky's bed. They stayed in each other's company for the entirety of the evening, and she even let him cum inside of her.

Sadly, she was unaware that the act of insemination would result in her soul being permanently bound. She made an effort to let go of control after she had compelled Eddie to return home - she murmured the incantation over and over again. She struggled to free herself from her body while her boyfriend's seed continued to leak out of her, and she attempted to do so by digging deeper into her magical reservoir. 

But she realized that because she was in a different body, she didn't have the same access to magic. Her original body had the magic - she was in a normal 40-year-old human. Ginny made a conscious effort to maintain her composure. However, as Mr. Macky opened the bedroom door, he discovered his wife standing there completely naked, with his inner folds dripping with the seed of another man. Ginny found herself having a lot of explaining to do, while Eddie returned home to find Mrs. Macky masturbating inside of Ginny’s young body.

Eddie wasn’t surprised - it was all part of his plan. When he let his girlfriend possess his body, he didn’t reveal that it was a body swap. She had thought it was just a possession spell, and she never read it in full detail either. Sure, she heard his voice prior to the swap, but that was normal. She never knew what happened once he went silent. Smiling, Eddie greeted his teacher with a long, deep kiss. “Having fun, Kate?”

“I’ve already had four orgasms,” she said happily. “Can’t wait to have your cock inside of this. It’s way more sensitive than my old body.” She licked her fingers and spread her legs open. “The best thing is the spell book you talked about. I’ve never been able to use magic before – I used it to make me have more energy for tonight. I want you to fuck me the same way you fucked my old body.”

Eddie did exactly as he was told. Kate had been in an abusive marriage and was desperate for an escape. Her husband, David, constantly made her feel inadequate. After getting way too much plastic surgery, she felt fake and ruined. When her student offered her a chance to start over, she was suspicious of what his intentions were. But now that she had a magical body that was hot as this, she decided that trapping Ginny in her old body was a worthy trade as she felt Eddie’s big cock plunging into her. Life was going to be wonderful as a young 20-year-old woman.


  1. WOW! powerful horror story, very well writen. Poor girl tricked now in an older body married to an abusive man. Ican see why the teacher leaped at the swap being younger with magical powers.

  2. Great caption!, if your up for it I would love to see the following story/cap: a college student is in fear bc his gf signed up for swap class and the matches she’ll be with are perverts. he promises to pay his best friend to sign up for swap class. After coming up short on the money promised and breathing down his new gfs neck. The friend decideds he can get money through live exhibition performances and with their other friends around.