Thursday, July 6, 2023

Swap class

Janice and Lucas had always been curious about what it would be like to be the opposite sex, but they never imagined it would be possible until they started taking their Swap Class elective at the Magic Academy. They also never imagined that they were going to be the ones switching bodies. While neither of them had issues with each other, Janice always saw Lucas as a bit of an asshole to other people. Thankfully, when fellow classmates were introducing themselves to each other, it sounded like Lucas was a lot better in terms of how he dealt with people. 

Mrs. Janice began to talk about what they were going to be trying out. Janice knew the class was becoming more popular, and more college students were becoming interested in the idea of being the opposite gender for a short period of time. And with a class split of 50/50 for males and females, the class composition made it impossible for one person to be left out. There were going to be swaps every two weeks, and the more Mrs. Janice explained how the spells would wear off automatically, the more comfortable the students became.

Eventually, Janice and Lucas were paired up for their first body swap. Personally, Lucas was hesitant at first, but the thought of experiencing life as a girl intrigued him. Janice and Lucas stood facing each other, holding hands as they began the spell. They closed their eyes and chanted in unison, the words flowing effortlessly from their lips. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light, and they both felt themselves being pulled in different directions.

When the light dissipated, Janice and Lucas found themselves standing in each other's bodies. They were amazed at how different they felt in their clothes. Lucas felt funny wearing a skirt, while Janice felt dizzy from being so tall. Everybody had to look up at her to talk to her. They walked around the classroom, trying to adjust to their new bodies. Lucas struggled to walk in heels, and Janice found herself tripping over her own feet. Neither were very coordinated. They both couldn't help but giggle at the sight of themselves in the mirror.

As the day went on, Janice and Lucas began to understand each other's lives a little better. Janice realized how difficult it was to be a guy, mostly because she kept getting random boners. She had to stay seated for a lot of the day because of how embarrassed she was. Lucas, on the other hand, felt comfortable in his borrowed body. He loved the softness of his skin and the slenderness of his new body. 

They both agreed that they would like to spend the rest of the day living as each other before they switched back. Janice was excited to see what it would be like to go out with her friends as a boy, but Lucas had other ideas. Being a woman ended up being a lot of fun. From the naughty lingerie to his lady bits, being a female encouraged him to share himself with every guy willing to give him money. By the time their body swap ended, Janice would spend days wondering why every guy was suddenly sliding into her DMs. It turned out that Lucas had been flirting with every possible person, and he’d successfully seduced half the football team with her body. 

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