Sunday, July 16, 2023

Living on as my niece


“Are you almost ready?” Oliver heard his son call out from behind the bathroom door.

“Yeah, I’m almost done, daddy,” Oliver lied. He smirked in the mirror while he ran his fingers through his long, soft hair. He felt so fabulous in his dress as he got ready for his funeral. Being alive felt so wonderful. When he left his soul stone in his room, he wasn’t expecting his niece to stay in his room. He was expecting his son and wife to use his room to sleep since it was the only double bed in the house, so when he found Jolena sleeping in his favorite spot, he realized that he was going to get stuck in the wrong body.

But being his niece wasn’t so bad, especially after the stone finally sealed his dominant soul. He was afraid that she would somehow push him out. Jolena was originally staying over for the uncle’s funeral, and she slept through the entire night despite feeling creeped out by the room. What the young woman didn’t know was that her uncle hadn’t fully passed on to the afterlife. With his niece sleeping close to his cursed soul stone he had conveniently left behind, the elderly spirit easily slipped inside Jolena's body after watching over her for several hours. She slept the entire night while his essence slowly spread from head to toe.

When she woke up later that morning, a sharp pain made her realize that something bad was happening. She tried to call out to her parents in the next room, but she felt so stiff. It was only a matter of time until Jolena figured out what was happening. She fought fiercely for control, especially once she discovered that the ugly stone on Oliver's dresser was the source of their problems. 

She considered moving it somewhere else in the room so she could leave her phone by the bed, and now she was beginning to regret her hesitance. “Leave everything as is,” she remembered her father telling her. “It’s bad luck to move a dead person’s belongings around this early.” She had rolled her eyes at that.

Now, little by little, she lost the ability to move on her own. The spirit of Oliver eventually took over completely. Several times each minute, the young woman would successfully fight off the body snatcher. She had brief periods of control over her limbs, but Uncle Oliver always took over when she got too close to the stone. 

She realized that she needed to find a way to run out of the room to push the spirit away from her, but Uncle Oliver was always able to return to the stone just in time. Unfortunately, Jolena's actions just strengthened the power over her body. Oliver didn’t realize it, but the poor woman was still fully aware of what was happening. She desperately tried to break through the soul stone’s magic, but she remained a passenger in her body forever. And as Uncle Oliver gave himself one final look in the mirror, he eagerly skipped out of the bathroom and looked forward to living his life as a beautiful woman.

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  1. chilling story, very well written. what an evil man. you do the banality of some evil people very well indeed