Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Being you is going to be fun

Jack looked at himself in the bathroom mirror with the magical necklace sparkling around Cornelia’s neck. The poor girl shouted in her head, but all he could do was beam while he appreciated his thin features and firm breasts. Nobody could hear her – that was a fear that he was constantly thinking about. But the fact that her boyfriend hadn’t woken up meant that her voice was stuck in his head. Her screaming grew progressively quieter as time went on too. It wouldn't be long before he could just ignore her.

"Get out of me," Cornelia cried.

Jack ran a finger through his soft brown hair. His piercing brown eyes looked perfect while he playfully tilted his head. “Hush,” he said in less than a whisper. "I'm not just going to leave. Especially not when you humiliated me in front of my customers. That place was going out of business anyway. This is the perfect second chance for me, so I'm not leaving. Not now that I'm inside of you. After watching you and your picture-perfect boyfriend coming to my diner every week, I finally couldn’t help it. I had to be with him right away. I had to become you.” 

“Look, I’m sorry for being such a bitch. But stealing my life isn’t right. It’s wrong. People will know.”

“People will probably be happier with me in control. You have a reputation around town, young lady. It’s time I fixed that for you.” He kissed the air while he stroked the heart-shaped silver necklace around his new, slender neck. The heart was a faintly glowing sapphire, and as he removed the necklace, Cornelia found herself trapped inside of it. She was looking up at her possessed body. "And there's no turning back now that I'm here. Besides, acting like yourself isn’t going to be impossible. It shouldn't be too hard - you've posted everything about your life online. I did a little read through, but I'll do some more reading now that I'm in this hot little body of yours. Hey, you've stopped shouting. Hello?”  

"Get out!" Cornelia cried out. She frantically tried to break free, but she was trapped in the necklace. The body thief put the necklace on the bathroom counter and figured he’d dispose of it. But when he gently squeezed his new breasts, the silence undoubtedly offered him a sense of seclusion. Cornelia felt nauseous as he began to really explore his body. She could tell that he was feeling good - that horny look in his eyes said it all.

Deep down, Cornelia couldn't believe this was happening to her. She wore the necklace for days after the restaurant owner gave it to her to further apologize for his staff's poor service, and she didn't know until it was too late that Jack's soul had gradually crept into her body. She thought it was just a pretty necklace - it was the most expensive-looking piece of jewelry she owned. Even her boyfriend seemed to like it. But Cornelia couldn't have predicted that the person stealing her body was the same, miserable restaurant owner who had to apologize to her for a disrespectful staff. 

Obviously, Jack knew that it had all been a lie – Cornelia had been the instigator. Unfortunately for the young woman, Jack knew dark magic, and he was at a point in his life where he wasn’t afraid to use it. And now that he was in her body, she instantly regretted the free meal she was able to get out of it. She took advantage of another person’s job and ended up losing everything, and as she listened to Jack moaning in her body, she knew that there would be no chance for redemption for her. It was too late.

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