Friday, July 28, 2023

You're not my girlfriend?

Bobby found himself casting distressed glances at Natalie, his girlfriend. His fingers nervously clung to the fabric of his dress as Natalie feverishly chanted incantations, her voice echoing around the room. He was just starting to get used to his feminized life, but this was too much for him. He wasn’t expecting things to end up like this for either of them. Despite her repeated attempts, the strange sensation permeating his body showed no signs of fading, and he was still stuck in her smaller body. “Babe, don’t worry,” Natalie said in a deep voice. “I know what you’re thinking. Everything’s going to be fine…”

“Why are you flipping through so many pages then? The body swap spell was on the third page.”

Natalie sighed and continued to flip through the age-worn pages of their spell book, desperation creasing her brow. Their venture into the mystical had been intended as a mere lark, a temporary body switch to satiate their curiosity. They wanted to show their kinks to each other, but this was more than what they’d bargained for. “I know, I’m trying. Trust me, I’m trying.”

With the 'temporary' switch stretching beyond the planned timeline, Bobby and Natalie found themselves navigating the foreign landscape of each other's genders. Bobby, now living in Natalie's body, was confronted with a torrent of new sensations and experiences. His body responded to stimuli in ways he hadn't known were possible, flooding him with unfamiliar feelings and emotions. The sexual desires he now experienced were markedly different. The lines between their old and new selves blurred as Natalie took Bobby under her wing, teaching him the ways of womanhood. She showed him how to walk, talk, and even think like a girl, and Bobby was a quick learner. To his surprise, he found himself enjoying it for a bit until their time limit was reached.

As they continued to revel in their swapped bodies, an unsettling realization dawned upon him. The spell book warned of the spell turning permanent if they stayed too long in their swapped forms. The thought of being stuck forever in this state sent a shiver of dread coursing through them, and it was only worsened when he noticed a strange look in Natalie’s eye. “Try harder,” he began to cry when she started to stare at him. “I don’t want to be stuck like this.” Natalie rose a brow. “You know what I mean! I love you, but I don’t want to be a girl forever.”

A mischievous smirk stretched over her lips. “Maybe that’s what I wanted all along.” Natalie closed the spell book and leaned forward. “I’m not actually your girlfriend. Why do you think I’m so calm? I’m not actually trying to find a spell to reverse this. I was just making sure there wasn’t a spell that could forcibly make us swap.” Natalie pushed the book closer to Bobby. “I’m Andrew.”

The realization hit Bobby hard. Andrew was his ex-best friend. After Bobby’s family won the lottery, things immediately changed between the two of them. Andrew came from a poorer off family, and when he asked Bobby for some financial help in college, the two ended up becoming bitter enemies. The revenge was clear now, and the look in Andrew’s eye made Bobby whisper, “What happened to Natalie?”

He pointed at Bobby’s breasts. “You’re her now. Her soul’s long gone. Magic always has a price, old buddy, old pal. A sacrifice had to be made to initiate the swap. It wasn’t just consent, a desire, or a willingness to swap. The spell to control her was definitely hard, but now I’m comfortable, this was definitely all worth it. Guess you’re going to have to fill her cute little shoes now that she’s gone.” Andrew crossed his bulging arms. “But the bigger question is if you’re going to be my little slut. You’re basically stuck with me, ‘babe,’ unless you want to be broke without a place to sleep.”

Bobby couldn’t believe this was all happening. The realization made him feel sick after realizing it was Andrew who had fucked him. He felt trapped with zero desire to stay around him, though. “Go fuck yourself,” was all Bobby could mouth before rushing off. He’d run off to one of Natalie’s best friends to stay the night, but the rest of his life as a woman was going to be a rocky one. His former friend had just screwed him over permanently, and there was nobody who would believe that his body had been stolen.