Thursday, July 27, 2023

She's using him


Anna met her best friend Mitch in front of a mall where their favorite coffee shop was. She was expecting to catch up with somebody who she hadn’t spoken to in years, but it was here that her world turned upside down. It started as a normal day. She arrived at their meeting point, eager to catch up with her childhood friend when her gaze fell upon Mitch's new McLaren parked near the mall. She couldn’t believe how well he was doing. He had always been humble, and this newfound display of ostentation left Anna puzzled.

Regardless, she felt happy for him. Inside the coffee shop, Mitch's energy was infectious too. His tales of moving into a grand mansion and dating a girl named Madeline were captivating. Yet, as the stories unfolded, Anna felt a strange unease. The Mitch she knew was not one for grandeur or flamboyance. He looked like he was doing extremely well for himself, and his body was covered with muscle. She couldn’t believe how good looking he was.

And as she listened to Mitch, her head started to swim. She felt a sharp discomfort in her upper body, her eyes rolled back, and darkness started to edge her vision. “What’s happening to me?” The last thing she remembered was Mitch's smirk, and then all went black. His hand was on her hand, and the warmth was comforting until she realized something bad was happening.

“God, her tits are amazing,” her lips mouthed. “Now I understand why you still have a crush on her. They’re better than my other body’s tits. Damn, she’s kind of horny too. I think she likes you too.”

“You think?”

“I’m just glad the spell worked so quickly. I was worried her body would reject me, and she’d notice what was happening right away.” When Anna came to, she found herself sitting straight, a smile plastered on her face, her hand gently setting her coffee cup down. Yet, she felt detached, as if her body was not her own. A feeling of dread washed over her as she realized she was not in control. Her lips began to move again. “I can’t wait to play with this with you. I know exactly where I’ll put her at the house too. I’ll store her in one of the sound proof rooms. Then I can become her whenever you want me to, as long as you keep giving me pieces of your soul.”

There was a blank look in his eye. Mitch leaned forward and kissed her lips, and a strange warmth fluttered through Anne when she saw the darkness in his eyes. “That’s going to be awesome.” Anna would later discover that her best friend had fallen under the influence of a witch - Madeline. She was a transgender woman who craved sexual satisfaction. It was the very thing that helped power her dark magic.

Madeline was using him for his good energy, and he was becoming a husk of who he used to be. This woman had manipulated Mitch into helping her enact a terrible scheme. Using dark magic, they temporarily possessed unsuspecting individuals, draining them of their savings before discarding them like used puppets. The McLaren, Anna realized, belonged to one of their victims.

With each passing day, Anna felt herself growing weaker as her wealth was stripped away. She saw Mitch as her possessed body withdrew as much cash as possible. The more Anna watched, the more she realized that it wasn't her Mitch. His eyes were cold, and his smile held no warmth. He was a stranger in the guise of her best friend until he brought her to his new home. “Such a good haul, babe,” Anna’s body said. Mitch nodded and guided her through the halls. The mansion was exactly as he described, and as her possessed body began to undress in their bedroom, she would later learn just how depraved Mitch had become.

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