Saturday, December 31, 2022

Free from the retirement home

"God, I love you," the bearded man whispered.

“I love you too,” Hector moaned as Kelsey's roommate, Xavier, ate him out. "Fuck..." Sex as a woman felt so liberating, and the fact that he felt so free after leaving the old folk's home made things even better. While the young woman threatened staff members and told them that Hector had stolen her body, the old man wasted no time in pretending to be her. She was a talkative woman who loved talking about her personal life, and Hector ended up knowing just enough to pass off as her. It was the perfect crime, especially since everybody thought old Hector was already a little crazy. Dark magic inevitably did that to every mind.

But now, Hector had a young body and a clear mind, and he was loving every bit of it. He made love constantly over the past weekend with the girl's roommate, and the body thief found himself enjoying every second of it. He only needed to have sex once in Kelsey's body in order to make the body swap permanent. Thankfully, Xavier had always had a crush on Kelsey, so Hector didn't have any issues in making the body swap permanent. It also helped that he knew how to fuck, so the experience left the body thief craving for more.

The old man couldn’t believe his luck about all of this. After giving his caregiver a "friendship necklace," the old man used his other magical necklace to initiate the swap when Kelsey least expected it. She loved taking care of Hector, so it wasn't like she was overly suspicious of him. She'd just helped him dress before bedtime when the magic took hold. Their souls were forcefully ripped from their bodies as ghostly orbs of light, forced to circle the room while the necklaces guided them to their new bodies.

Once Kelsey's soul landed inside his 73-year-old body, the young girl immediately fell asleep. But Hector was in her young body, and he did everything in his power to make sure the nurses gave his old body extra sedatives to keep her out of the picture for as long as possible. And once he made the swap permanent, it didn't matter how much Kelsey screamed in her old body. Nobody would ever believe her. And as Xavier moved up his female body and pressed the tip of his cock against his inner folds, Hector found himself wondering what sex with other men would be like.

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