Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 4

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Everything was a blur for Sarah, but she knew that something horrible had happened. From the moment she felt her body shrinking to the moment her aunt began to pull her skin over her own, Sarah knew her life was going to be permanently changed forever. “I can’t believe how good this body feels,” her own voice whispered. “I don’t think any of my old features are showing up. I have everything she had.” As Aunt Ciara lightly scrubbed at her firm breasts and toned abs in the bath tub, Sarah tried to take control. She had resisted earlier before.

She could recall resisting the older woman during the transformation process by pushing her away. She was a mere suit of skin at this point, but the young woman did everything in her willpower by becoming as tight as possible. She still had the ability to close herself off somehow to prevent her aunt from putting her on. Sarah didn’t know how, but it was like her bone structure and joints had become a second layer of skin beneath her actual skin. 

It had flexible bones and joints, but she was able to contract and resist. She had moaned and struggled, but her aunt’s persistence forced her skinsuit body to stretch to accommodate her. Once her aunt’s head had slipped into her own, she felt all of her defenses fading away.

But Aunt Ciara had completely worn her, and her skin began to fuse with the older woman. Her aunt was larger than she was, yet something in the syringe was making them become one. It didn’t take long before her aunt was in full control and admiring her face in the mirror. And as her aunt began to play with her stolen flesh, Sarah felt the world darken and consume her. The last full sensation she felt was an orgasm building up before she fell into a deep slumber.

Minutes went by, and she could see her aunt’s memories. She was horrified to learn that she had been planning this from the moment she began taking care of her. Every purchase and sign of kindness led to the very day she would try to steal her body. Sarah couldn’t believe that her aunt had been planning this, and she was afraid at this point. The next time she opened her eyes, she was in the bath tub being bathed. She could no longer feel anything, but she knew that another orgasm would probably shatter her mind permanently.

The sounds around her were already so silent. She could barely hear the water while her aunt slipped out of the bath tub. She could barely feel the fabric of her hot pink towel gently drying every nook and cranny of her toned body. But the rage she felt was all too powerful when she saw her aunt smiling at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. “I still can’t believe this,” Aunt Ciara cooed while she swayed her hips and dried her hair with her dryer. “I would have never been able to look like this in my old body. Genetics and youth are everything.” 

Sarah tried to respond while the body thief pulled on some fresh underwear. She tried to fight back. But her own words were just as deafened as the world around her. She was just a mind floating without a body, and Aunt Ciara looked exactly like her. And as the sound of a door opening echoed from outside the bathroom, she could see a naughty smile creeping over her face. 

Before Sarah could try to scream out to warn her husband, her aunt darted into the room and took him by surprise. The last thing she could feel was her husband’s strong arms wrapping around her as her body mounted him. His nails dug into her perfect bum while her aunt kissed his lips, and Sarah could do nothing to warn him.


  1. can u make a follow up to Possessing my sexy maid please

    1. Sorry, that one was unfortunately a paid request from my Patreon. I can definitely have it reopened if the original requester decides to ask for it and only if a sequel makes sense story-wise.

    2. can u see if that person wants it reopen please