Sunday, May 21, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 2

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Ciara watched her future skinsuit begin to shrivel before her eyes. She could see the confusion on Sarah’s face as it happened. A part of the aunt’s heart was throbbing with regret, but she knew that this was exactly what she wanted. When Ciara started to look after Sarah after her mother started having drug problems, she always knew that it would lead to this day eventually. The aunt had planned everything up until now. “Good girl,” the aunt whispered. “Very very good girl…”

The serum she had injected into Sarah’s neck was the last of a long line of injections she had been administering. This had been the highest dose compared to the last ones. The small doses could easily be administered during her sleep, but the final injection was noticeable. Ciara had to find the perfect moment to use it, and since her niece was alone, now was the perfect time. The serum was the result of years of constant study, and now it was finally perfected. Just thinking about it made the aunt smile, especially since she had to go through multiple hurdles trying to steal the original formula used for skinsuit manufacturing. It was only ever used on donor or deceased bodies. Unfortunately, her studies as a scientist never manifested into something that could give her permanent beauty. A few botched facelifts made her afraid of altering her appearance any further. But, when she discovered the experimental drug that could transform a person’s body into a wearable skinsuit, Ciara was ecstatic to try it on somebody. She stole the original formula from a PDF document floating around on her lab’s server and immediately got to work. It would inevitably take years to alter it so that it could be used on a living person.

Unfortunately, Sarah wasn’t the perfect vessel back then. It was much too early. Thankfully, the older woman did everything in her financial power to prime her and gain her trust. She bought her the best food, hired the best physical trainers, and even got her expensive breast implants that had little to no scarring. Over the course of several years, Sarah had gone from a stick of a girl to an unbelievably perfect woman who became the perfect vessel. From her toned abs to her perfect ass, Sarah was the perfect woman. Ciara shouldn’t have been surprised when Sarah managed to meet the perfect mate during college. A cesspool of handsome, healthy men in a small college town would have inevitably chased after Sarah, but Ciara wasn’t expecting somebody as perfect as Henry. 

The aunt licked her lips when she saw that Sarah’s body had completely flattened. The young girl’s clothes and underwear were on the floor now. After stripping down to nothing, Ciara picked up the soft skin and loved at how its warmth felt between her chubby fingers. The faint scent of her niece’s sweat covered the fleshy suit. A hole along the spine seemingly opened, and she immediately started to slip into her niece’s body. It was a strange sensation, especially when the insides felt hot to the touch. Her large legs struggled to slip through Sarah’s legs as a faint groan left the mouth opening of the skinsuit’s face.

“What’s that? Are you awake?” Ciara asked. When she didn’t hear a response, she began to move even deeper into the skinsuit. It struggled to wrap around her round body. The muscle tone and lack of skin made it difficult to pull her niece over her body. And the more it stretched, the more the mouth opening groaned. “So you are awake. Like I said …it will be over soon. Sorry, dear, I didn’t think about how hard it would be to slip into your tight body. I’ll try to be gentler.” She pushed her arms into the skinsuit and felt her chubby fingers slipping into Sarah’s fingers. Before long, the skinsuit had completely covered her beneath the neck, and a strange desire began to brew in her chest. She was getting turned on at the wonderful sensations running through her covered body, and all that was left was her niece’s face.

With a racing heart, Aunt Ciara forcefully pushed her head into the empty head cavity, and both women began to moan as her entire body fell back onto the hotel bed. Ciara felt her body tremble when the intense ecstasy rippled through her. The suit began to squeeze down on her body, and a wonderful sensation began to build up in her lower tummy. She was afraid at first, so she reached behind her shoulder to try adjusting the opening along her back. To her surprise, the skinsuit had completely sealed her in, and the skinsuit began to morph and struggle to absorb her large, round body. She fell to the floor and crawled along the carpet as she groaned. She closed her eyes and began to enjoy Sarah’s youth begin to overwhelm her.

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