Monday, May 1, 2023

Sexily Dark Body Theft: Bundle Volume 11

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Enjoy four published short stories in the eleventh body theft erotica bundle compiled by Jimmy Zappa. This is a compilation containing female to female body swaps and possessions with dark twists and turns in every story. There are themes of magic, age regression, age progression, and gender swapping. The stories in this bundle contain sexual subject matter not suitable for younger audiences.

My Wife's Assistant (F2F Body Possession)

Howard is having an affair with his wife's teaching assistant. While Annie is supposedly at a work conference, her husband and Jade have constant sex in her bed. Unbeknownst to the young woman and the cheating husband, the wheelchair-bound wife isn't actually at a conference. Traveling through the country with her best friend, the two hatch a plan to gain sweet revenge. By using a family friend to help Annie possess her teaching assistant, she plans on doing more than just teaching the young woman a lesson. Annie's tired of being bound to a wheelchair, and Jade's young body is more than enough for a second chance at life.

My Naughty Neighbor (F2F Body Swap & F2F Body Possession)

When Vanessa initially joined an open relationship with her neighbors, she wasn't expecting to become so attached to Evan. As she shares him with Noelle in their unbelievably naughty relationship, she slowly wants him for herself. The roughness and naughtiness really pushes her over the edge, and Vanessa eventually decides to back her aunt's plan in order to steal Evan from Noelle forever. Auntie Olivia has been teaching Vanessa magic for quite some time, and when an opportunity to take Evan for herself presents itself, the young transgender woman decides to help her aunt do the unthinkable. She convinces Noelle to take part in a temporary body swap ritual to try spicing their relationship up, but it ends up being the catalyst for something much more sinister. Noelle has more than just an attractive body - there's a huge amount of untapped potential hidden within her, and Auntie Olivia wants all of it for herself.

Cheating With My Maid (F2F Body Swap)

Emilia has been working as a personal maid to a billionaire couple for two years. She'd been extremely loyal to Geo and Troy up until the day the husband begins to flirt with her. Upon giving her a mysterious necklace, he tempts her and teases her until she succumbs to her lust. After having sex with the wealthy husband, she spends the next day guilty and aroused by what she'd experienced. She's terrified at the thought of losing her high paying job. What Emilia doesn't realize is that the mysterious necklace is more than just a love memento. The gift is a doorway into her soul, and through dark magic, Troy's wife plans on giving her an adequate punishment. Geo wants to cut ties with her Filipino family and to start a family on her own. Thankfully for her, her maid's body is perfect for what she has in mind, and the billionaire wife is willing to do anything to get what she wants.

The Doctor's Patient (F2F Body Possession)

At the Collegiate Institute for Gifted Women, a married doctor is sleeping with his transgender medical office assistant, Joyce. She knows all about his secret body wholesale business. For years, Doctor Daniel Nixon has been taking the young bodies of academically struggling students. Through the school's patented simulator program, he traps their minds and sells their bodies to the wealthy. Joyce is an undercover investigator looking to unravel the school's secrets, but when she falls in love with the handsome doctor, she decides to suggest something sinister. To keep quiet about it, she asks for a chance to benefit from his side business. Joyce is a transgender woman who wants to be in a ciswoman's body. And with a school surrounded by young, fit, and attractive women, she has tons of options to choose from.

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