Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Taking his wife's place

Tucker stood in the kitchen, a broad smile lighting his face as he diligently prepared breakfast. His friend’s rich husband, Roy, entered the room, an expression of surprise etched across his face. He stared at the scene unfolding before him, his eyes taking in the sight of Tucker, or rather Aya, his wife, bustling about the kitchen. “Aya? Are you actually cooking breakfast for once?”

Tucker smiled. “Yup, take a seat, honey.”

Roy was used to Aya's more reserved nature. She had always been a private person, and cooking breakfast was something she never did. He was normally the person in charge of preparing dinner before work. But there she was, in the kitchen, flipping pancakes and sizzling bacon. This was Tucker's influence, a subtle shift in Aya's behavior that only Roy could notice. Little did he know that the woman before him was not his wife, but his wife’s best friend, Tucker.

Tucker had voluntarily swapped bodies with Aya at the body swap clinic. Aya was off enjoying her time at a resort with her friends, while Tucker remained at home, doing his best to keep Roy happy and none the wiser. He gave his friend’s husband massages and a delicate, intimate touch that led to them making love. 

Tucker couldn’t believe how good it felt to have his masculinity forced out of him from behind. He loved the sensations and the wetness that emerged from between his legs. And when he heard Roy groaning in his lust, Tucker loved the throbbing sensation that emptied itself deep within his inner folds.

It all felt so naughty. But as Tucker put the finishing touches on the breakfast, he knew that he was more deserving of his body. He knew that Aya’s husband was loving every bit of him. While they had only fucked once, Tucker could tell that Aya didn’t know how to pleasure her husband. Roy had finished early multiple times throughout the night. It came naturally to Tucker, but it clearly didn’t come naturally to Aya.

Now, Roy watched with a growing sense of appreciation. He found himself enjoying this new side of Aya. It was refreshing to see her so engaged, so involved. He liked this version of his wife, one who was as comfortable in the kitchen as she was in her work. She was so neat and organized in the kitchen now, yet the previous night revealed that she had a naughty side to her that had finally unleashed itself.

Tucker plated the food, arranging the pancakes and bacon with care. He poured fresh orange juice into two glasses and carried the plates to the dining table where Roy was waiting. Tucker took a seat across from Roy, his heart pounding in his chest. He felt a pang of guilt for the deception, but it was overshadowed by his desire to make Roy happy.

As they began to eat, Roy seemed genuinely pleased. He complimented Tucker on the meal, his words carrying a note of surprise. Tucker could only smile, his heart warming at the sight of the husband's happiness. It was strange, this new dynamic between them, but it wasn't unpleasant. It was just different. But for now, he was content. The only thing on his mind was using the credit card he swiped from Roy’s wallet to pay the body swap clinic to wipe all records about the swap. Tucker desperately wanted to keep his new body, and with Roy’s cluelessness and his money, the would-be body thief knew it wouldn’t be too hard.


  1. LOL OUCH! wickedly funny that AYa is losing her husband to herself. well written story. I wonder if triends know & I wonder if the new Aya will bribe the new tucker too accept thins as they are now & how she will act in general? thanks very good story indeed.

  2. Ha! Aya gave up that hot body just for a weekend vacation? I wonder if she really wanted to be guy all along.