Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Testing my transformation wig - Part 2

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Joey felt a little bad about ditching Leila. He frequently left her alone, and he always felt like he was being a jerk to her. “She’d understand,” he kept thinking while he felt his inner folds throbbing with desire. He was nervous at first, but it was like his body was moving on autopilot. He wanted to seduce men, and his body cooperated with him. Of course, he didn’t end up fucking multiple men. Out of all the German men Joey flirted with, only Hans seemed brave enough to have a one-on-one conversation. He could tell the German was just as nervous as the rest, but when the two were alone together in his hotel room, a fiery confidence stirred in his beautiful brown eyes. It didn’t take long before the two of them were in bed together, their lips worshipping each other while their bodies lost themselves in their lust.

Joey couldn’t believe how much better it was to get fucked. He’d masturbated in his female body for the days leading up to his intimate moment with Hans, but he couldn’t believe how deliriously turned on he’d be. Hans held him down as they made love, his passionate lips moving along his slender back and breasts while they moved from position to position. Joey knew he was being too loud, but he didn’t even care about the visitors sleeping next door. The only thing that mattered was him and Hans. And before Joey knew it, it was past midnight when they decided to cuddle and sleep.

The transformed guinea pig couldn’t put his finger on it, but he enjoyed the love radiating between their bodies. It was almost like a gentle hum. The longer they embraced, the closer he mentally became. There was a bitter sadness brewing when Joey realized that this was only going to be temporary, yet that only made him try to enjoy every last minute. When Hans attempted to leave, Joey gave him a saddened look, and that was enough to keep the German in his arms for the rest of the night.

As the first rays of dawn stretched their golden fingers through the gaps in the curtains, Joey slowly sat up in bed, a sultry smile etched across his face when he saw a small note on the bed. It was a phone number and a note from Hans saying that he had to leave for his flight. “Maybe I’ll text him after they take the wig away from me,” he whispered. “Pretend to be a girl.” He walked across the room to the mirror and pouted. “He’d probably find out, though…”

With a sigh, he reached up to pull off the wig, ready to shed the womanly persona and return to his life as Joey to decompress. There was a throbbing achiness between his legs, and he saw that as a sign that he had to take a break. After a short rest, he’d be able to put the wig back on, but to his shock, the wig didn't budge. He pulled again, harder, his heart pounding with sudden panic. The wig was stuck to his head.

As the reality of the situation hit him, he rushed to the bathroom, scissors in hand. He was determined to cut the wig off, to regain his old self. But just as he was about to bring the scissors to the wig, his hand froze. “AI defense mechanism activated,” a voice whispered in his head. “Overriding control.” Then, to his utter disbelief, his body began to move on its own, his hand dropping the scissors and his eyes staring at his reflection in the mirror. An evil smile stretched across his face, but it was not his own. The wig was somehow controlling him.

“Override complete,” his lips purred. “Defense mechanism is active. Proceeding with memory reallocation.” His fingers trailed the soft curves of his breasts. “In progress.” Fear gripped Joey as he struggled against this unseen force. He tried to call out for Leila, but no sound came from his lips. It was as if the wig was stifling his voice, taking control over his body and mind. He was trapped in his transformed body, unable to do anything as an AI controlled every one of his moves.

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