Monday, May 22, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 3

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Ciara’s entire body transformed and shrank down to Sarah’s size, and the body thief was pleased to know that her rounded body was gone. Clawing at the carpet, her weight literally burned away as she moaned on the floor. She could hear Sarah’s voice becoming her own as she let out a long, passionate moan and crawled on to the bed. 

She could feel the soft fabric beneath her burning breasts, and when she opened her eyes, her niece’s memories flooded her mind. Flickers of the young woman’s memories flooded her mind, and she felt her slender fingers digging into the sheets while she turned on to her back.

She wasn’t expecting the sensations she was having. As the memories flooded into her mind, she witnessed everything: Sarah's recent gym session, every man she had been with, and all the experiences that had shaped her life. She could feel Henry’s body pounding against her, and she could literally feel the ripples of heat from his wonderful kisses. Ciara could feel every emotion Sarah had ever felt.

While the memories continued to wash over her, Ciara couldn't help but laugh at the beauty of it all. When the memories finally faded away, the aunt sat up on the bed and stared down at her naked body. She ran her hands along her toned abs before squeezing her large, perfect breasts. “God, these are so perfect. I can’t believe this. I can’t fucking believe this. These were worth every penny. This body was worth every cent.”

She stood up from the bed and walked towards the hotel dresser's mirror. Her reflection beamed back at her, showcasing her radiant beauty and the undeniable sparkle in her eyes. In that moment, she felt gorgeous. She playfully spanked her perfect bum and spun around in front of the mirror. “This ass you worked on literally turns every head. And now it’s mine. God, I can’t wait to use this body to grind on Henry’s massive cock.”

That’s when the realization hit. She felt her entire body get hot as she fell back on the bed. She couldn’t believe how horny she was, and all it took was looking into Sarah’s memories and seeing Henry’s cock for herself. The thought of actually seeing his fit body worshiping her niece’s flesh made her smile and circle her clit. “God … this body’s literally primed to get fucked. She’s everything he would ever want.”

Her fingers slipped into her tight hole, and she immediately let out a loud moan. “No … MY body’s literally primed to get fucked. I’m everything he would every want.” She looked back at the mirror and played with herself until the pressure became too much. “And now I can do whatever I want…” She began to shiver as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. It started off slowly as ripples until surges of pleasure made her body shiver with lustful delight.

She felt lost in her own world of pure ecstasy when she heard a vibrating sound. Ciara sat up with her toned body and reached for her niece’s phone. It was a text message from Henry. She brushed her blonde hair away from her sweaty face and frowned. “I’m going to be another hour. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” Ciara felt a surge of disappointment. 

She had sensed the anticipation in Sarah’s body since he was supposed to be back in the hotel room soon. But when she gave herself a sniff, she let out a laugh. She needed to get herself cleaned up, and Henry being late was a blessing in disguise. She stepped over her old clothes and headed for the bath tub. Sarah bought new bath bombs and shampoo, and she was eager to try them out.

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