Friday, May 19, 2023

Messing with the wrong people online

Bathed in the golden afternoon sun, Carlene sprawled out on a lounge chair in her backyard. Dressed in a vibrant bikini, she loved the warmth that blanketed her body and the dirty comments she got online. An alluring smile playing on her lips whenever she ran into thirsty simps. The sun caressed her skin, highlighting the athletic curves of her physique while she looked at her laptop. Her fingers danced across the screen that sat open on a small side table. “Hey,” she playfully said to people.

She was engaged in an online pastime that had become her guilty pleasure - diving into the digital rabbit hole of meeting random people across the globe and showing herself off. Carlene enjoyed the feeling of control and power it gave her. Hidden behind her screen, she manipulated the interactions, scrutinizing appearances, and chuckling at the peculiarities of the digital personas she encountered.

As she swiped through the rooms, a particular one caught her attention. It showcased a grizzled elderly woman, her age lines etching a roadmap of life on her face. A chilling doll, the miniature of a human child, was placed next to her, its glassy eyes staring blankly at the camera. The bizarre sight tickled Carlene's curiosity, and she found herself entering the room.

The woman’s almost spectral smile and the glint in her eyes sent a chill through Carlene's spine. Before she could hit the exit button, the woman suddenly yanked the doll's head off. Carlene frowned at the screen when she realized that the doll kind of looked like her. Suddenly, a burst of brilliant white light erupted from the now headless toy, startling Carlene. Her laptop screen became a blank canvas painted in stark whiteness.

As the light dimmed, Carlene gasped, her eyes widening in disbelief. Instead of the old woman and the eerie doll, her own reflection stared back at her. She looked down at her hands and realized that she was in the woman’s old body. She let out a horrified scream and nearly fell to the ground in her shock. But Carlene’s body only blinked. “It’s not fun being in that body, huh? I’ll be honest. I didn’t think I was going to really go through with it. I assumed you were just having a bad time. But making fun of people for fun because of their appearance? Well … if I had a body like this, my confidence and arrogance WOULD be through the roof. And now it’s all mine. I just wish making that doll didn’t take so long. It looked a lot like you, no? After you made fun of my wrinkles, I just knew I had to get back at you.” 

“Hold on … I’m sorry. Please, this isn’t … isn’t what I wanted…”

The body thief laughed. “God, these breasts are MASSIVE! You really took care of this body. It’s a shame you were such a shitty person.” She blew a kiss. “And now you’re going to have to live with the consequences.” The harmless game had turned into an unsettling and surreal experience. A shiver ran down Carlene’s spine, making her body tremble despite the warm sun. It was as if the online mockery had somehow ricocheted back onto her. And when she saw her body begin to moan and play with herself, she realized that this was all karma as the body thief logged out to enjoy herself.

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  1. chilling, powerful horror story. very harsh Karma, very well written. I wonder if Carlene's friends & family will notice much difference?