Monday, May 1, 2023

A ghost followed me home - Part 3


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Part 3

“Yes,” Felicity whimpered. “Yes … yes … YES!”

The two lovers remained beneath the sheets, lost in their lust while their bodies became connected once again. It was their seventh day together, yet their wild hormones didn’t calm down as Felicity moaned in her new body. 

They had ventured through the countryside exploring hiking trails and gorgeous rivers, and neither of them could keep their hands off each other. They had looked for every opportunity to kiss and cuddle out in public, and now that they were in the privacy of their own room again, their passion could come alive.

“God, I can’t believe how good this feels. It’s better than my old body.”

Travis lightly bit the side of her neck and whispered into her ear. “Your orgasms are a lot more intense, aren’t they?”

Felicity nodded and kissed his lips while they continued to make love in Kimmie’s room. He was bigger and stronger in Andrew’s body, and he could tell that his wife was enjoying every position they shared. Neither had been this fit or healthy in years, and Travis found himself wondering if they could last even longer in their new bodies. 

Body hopping wasn’t a new subject for them, but the circumstances behind this particular body hop were different. When Travis initially helped his wife come back to life, he wasn’t expecting the passion to be so intense between them. 

Travis had possessed Andrew’s body several months before his wife’s death, and he felt horrible when he realized that he had taken too long to find a suitable vessel. 

Thankfully, there was still a series of rituals he could do to bring her soul back into the mortal plane. All it took was gathering multiple people to take part in a single ritual. Each attendant at Andrew’s birthday party had inadvertently allowed Felicity’s soul to come back into a single target. 

Travis had picked out Kimmie because of her body’s natural energies. Witchcraft could only be performed by people with natural witch blood. Out of all the attendees at the party, Kimmie was the only vessel worthy of Felicity’s beautiful mind. And now, the two were young again. 

Sure, he had to absorb his grandson’s soul, but as he groaned and emptied himself inside of his wife’s smiling new body, he knew it was all worth it.

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